That of the healing music that flows in the bedrock bath

Nice to meet you all who are reading my blog!

My name is Sumire Minakami, and I belong to the Customer Success Unit of the PATOLO Division.

Rolled into a changing company,

CustomerSuccess Unit

I'm Mizukami, assigned to a department with a cool name.

Since this is my first blog,

I think I'll introduce myself like a dating club staff!

Name: Sumire Minakami

Age: Alpha

Dating club staff history: about 5 years

Number of interviews: Nearly 2,000 in total

Music you want to hear right now: The healing music that flows in bedrock baths

Although it's definitely for the money

Thanks to your support, my dream came true

A lot of women who graduated with a smile have also seen off.

Encouragement and encouragement for women who are missing out on relationships because they are too close to the rare wonderful encounters...

What do you want to do first when you get money?investment?love?saving?and match the goals one by one...

A woman who registered with a light thought, "It would be nice if there was a good encounter."She has become a beautiful business owner...

Because there is so much drama just by being in contact with a woman,
What will happen to the encounter between men and women ~~! ! ? ?

Every time, the day the woman who was in charge of the interview goes on a date,

I feel like I was sent out with such a thrilling feeling.

This time, I would like you to experience this excitement in the same way with Patro.And I want to experience the water! (smile)

With that in mind, I will continue to be involved in interviews and interviews at Patro!

In order for everyone to spread smooth and new encounters "❤Investment Love❤",

I hope you will continue to support us!

Everyone, please continue to support PATOLO.

Sumire Minakami

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