Is there a charge for women too?Explains the money situation when using PATOLO for female members!

 Thank you for your help.

I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.
PATOLO is basically free for women,

Is there a case where the talent (female member) also pays this time?I would like to talk about

In conclusion,Some paid services.

that is,"Reverse offer” will be the mechanism.

As for how it works,

It is a mechanism that allows women to appeal their offers by bearing part of the costs that are always required when a man makes an offer to a woman.

Celebrities (female members) are usually in a state of waiting for offers from supporters (male members),It is normal for supporters to talk to celebrities who are interested.

For men, a PATOLO usage fee of 1 yen excluding tax is always required when setting up.

this,By having the woman bear any amount of the XNUMX yen, the system is such that the woman can propose an offer to the man.

For example, if a woman pays XNUMX yen and uses the reverse offer option, the PATOL usage fee will be XNUMX yen for the woman, XNUMX yen for the man, and a total of XNUMX yen for the PATOL usage fee. It is a mechanism.

It doesn't necessarily mean that a date will be established, but if you have enough money, if you can proactively approach people who you think are good supporters, you will be able to meet people who feel like you more quickly. I think

At PATOLO, when the setting is established, the amount of transportation expenses set by the talent and other setting fees are paid in advance by the supporters, so there is no chance of forgetting to hand over the transportation expenses.

If the date is successfully completed, the transportation fee will be deposited in PATOLO as a transportation fee point.

If you wish to transfer transportation expenses points, please apply for transfer from within PATOLO, and it will be transferred as soon as it is approved.

I would like to discuss the relationship with the supporters and the conditions of the relationship directly between the two of us.I think that each person has a different way of dating, but by exchanging contact information when you meet for the first time, you can communicate directly with each other without going through PATOLO when you meet again. .

If you think you are a good person, please don't forget to exchange contact information.

If it has been a few days since you registered and your hairstyle or hair color has changed, please contact your registered agent or affiliated store to see if you can update your profile photo.

It seems that I will make some suggestions such as re-shooting at the office again.Thank you very much.

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