Is registration free for women?Partly paid? About PATOLO talent usage fee

 Thank you for your help.

I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.

This time, I would like to talk about "Talent".

A “talent” in PATOLO is a female member..

"talent"Iswomen onlyAnd men can't register as talents.

If you wish to register as a talent, you can apply to a member store such as a dating club, and you can start using it by having an interview.

At the interview, we will check your ID, explain the terms and conditions, listen to your profile information, and take photos and videos.If you have any other questions during the interview, the staff in charge of the interview will answer them.

Women registered as talents do not incur any costs.

Monthly usage feeis not necessary.

in PATOLOReverse offer mechanismThere is a mechanism in which the woman can optionally pay some money and propose a date from the woman to the man.

Here, you can decide the burden amount for women themselves in units of 1000 yen from the male setting usage fee of XNUMX yen that men pay for each offer.

This isPaidHowever, it is also a system that expands opportunities, so I think it would be good to look at the profiles of men and actively approach those who you think you would like to meet.

At PATOLO, on the side of talent (female members), what is called a dating clubYou can set your own transportation expenses in advance. You can set it between 5000 yen and 20,000 yen.

Even if you meet on a date and only have a meal and disband on that day, the transportation expenses set in advance are guaranteed.

In addition, in the conventional app and dating club system, it was necessary to receive it directly from the man.

for that reasonForgotten troubleIf this happens, or if the man forgets, the woman will contact you.hard to sayThere was a problem with the situation.

It seems that there are some cases in which, when approached, they were turned down, saying, "It's hard to talk about money."It's a rule, or rather, it's a promised area, so I want you to remember it well, but it seems that there are some people like that in the world.

However, at PATOLO, in advance, supporters (males) will ask talents (female members)Keep transportation expensesThen, when the date is completed safely, PATOLO will transfer the money, so there is no trouble of forgetting to hand it over, and there is no need to touch on transportation expenses, so I am worried if I can receive transportation expenses during the date. No worries.

However, if there is a feeling and the relationship develops,It is necessary for the two of you to proceed with the conditions and exchanges regarding future relationships.So, that point is no different from Papa Katsu.

Transportation expenses will be accumulated in the woman's own PATOLO account as transportation expense points for the time being,If you wish to make a transfer, you need to apply within PATOLO..

If there are no particular problems after applying, it will be approved as it is, and after a few days, we will transfer the money to your registered bank account.

You can focus on returning activities to supporters with peace of mind, so if you want to meet people who support you, please use it.

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