Is it pleasing to women?How to give tips (transportation expenses)

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PATOLO Division❤Investment Love❤Sumire MizukamiIt is.

It's sudden, but Papa is in the middle of an acclaimed activity.

How do you usually tip?

*At PATOLO, the money that will be given if you disband on a meal date"Chip"

Some people simply hand it over,

Some people add ingenuity and humor.

About how to hand such a chip,

This time, we asked various women,

I would like to talk about a unique handing method!

In a bag with sweets...

Along with the souvenir that he handed me as a thank you for today, there is a small bag inside...

Oh my God, P-live women have experienced it once, haven't they?

Women who are active in dating clubs,It is also the most appreciated way of delivery (*^-^*)

Even if you just produce a surprise called "a little gift",

Could you be more positive about the future?

In the hands that shook hands...

When you shake hands when saying goodbye, there is a chip in your hand...

It seems that there was also such a case ♪

If you shake hands with someone who doesn't feel right for you, you might end up feeling ugly (laughs).

What a smart and unique way of giving!

under the coaster...

When I left the restroom and came back, there was a chip stuck under the coaster!

It seems that there was also a case!What a neat way to give it!

Is it only Mizukami that feels smarter than handing over the actual raw material?

But there are also people like this...

In my bag...

in the bag I hadI was suddenly thrust into the real lifeWhat an episode...!

This is a behavior that is hard to recommend.The Minakami that I heardDon pullThank you. .

Did you not think about how you would feel if the same thing happened to you?

It seems that the rough personality is showing, and it seems that the person was able to go home as it was. (smile)

What did you think?

The way you hand it over is very individual!

So that you can live a P-life where you can enjoy these little things,

I hope that PATOLO will continue to support everyone♪

In PATOLO, chips areForm to be kept in advance together with the setting feeIt becomes

Why don't you try this classy way of handing it over when you go after your meal? (*^-^*)

Sumire Minakami

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