Feelings of those who register for a dating club even if the couple is harmonious

Good evening 🌝
Last weekend, I attended the company's year-end party for the first time in a while.Investment romance PATOLOI'm Takeuchi, a working mom from the business department👪

I returned to work after maternity leave because I have a small child, but I was unable to participate in the rally for all employees in Tokyo...

I became a station employee who didn't know my face well due to telework, so I decided to meet in Kansai for the year-end 🍻

Due to the nature of their profession, all the staff at Erobana have no resistance, so conversations that would be sued for sexual harassment and power harassment in a typical company are flying around.

Rather 8% dirty talk😇
(The remaining 2% ​​is about work. *This is a conversation between people who were close to me.)

Two Hours With A Male Employee Who Were Meeting For The First Time On This Day Who Joined The Company During Childcare Leave!I talked about the couple's sexlessness 😂

I (Takeuchi) joined Universe Club in my early twenties, got married a few years later, and am currently the mother of two children.

Since I joined the company, I have tried to be a staff member who is close to the members, but when I think about it now, I realize that there were some things that I could only understand by accumulating experience.

At the admission interview for male membersMotivation for registrationI often hear from you, and I have heard many times that the relationship between husband and wife is not bad.

My wife is important, but the relationship that makes my heart pound is gone before I know it

That youthful heartbeat again...

Because even an inexperienced person like me could somehow imagine it.

If I'm just going to confess honestly, that's it


so pure

Takeuchi felt it in his heart.

Now, several years later.Feelings of such male members

I really understand! ! ! ! !

With the birth of a child, the couple's activities naturally decrease, and everything in the family relationship revolves around the child.

It is precisely because we overcome many hardships together that our bond as a partner deepens...

But I don't feel like I can ever go back to the relationship I had in those days when I was in love (crying)

Even if it happens to act,

Yes, yes, this is the usual flow~

Ah, am I going to be with this person for the rest of my life?

I think about it while taking a shower 😂

If you can enjoy love with your husband again, that's number one.But the reality is sad and empty.

But then, do you want to end your life just by being sad?

So, I think there are people who have the courage to take a step forward and come to register.

Now I think I can help you find a wonderful partner by getting closer to your feelings!

I would love to hear your story too❤

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Yukina Takeuchi

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