I have infiltrated the rumored show pub Kamata "Carnival".

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The other day, I went to a shop called Carnival in Kamata, Tokyo.

in a nutshell

it was amazing

The dance performances, especially the pole dance and aerial dance, were very powerful for me.

I don't know much about dance, so please understand that this is an amateur's impression, but pole dance is not just about using poles to pose, but the dancers work together as a team on the whole floor. Since we were doing a performance, rather than just one pole dance, it was like the pole dance was part of the performance of the entire venue, and it was very lively.

It was an overall performance that could be called synchronized swimming on land.

Dancers are performed on the poles as they spin in time with the music. was acting.

As a result, I was able to appreciate the powerful performances up close, even though I didn't have a seat on the center stage.

Conversely, because it is done in a position where you can reach it,If you get too close during the performance, you may bump into it and lead to a big accident, so don't get too close.

Or rather, other dancers were placed in the venue and spread their hands to save themselves so that they would not enter the collision range.

The pole on the floor seems to be removable, and was removed during other performances.

The installation staff was skillfully installed at the timing of the change.

Near the pole (upper part?) I saw a mysterious hoop or something like a short rope, so I wondered what it was. was caught by the mysterious short rope and was spinning at high speed.

I don't think it can be conveyed in words at all, so please take a look and check it out ^^;

This was the first time I learned about the term aerial dance, and it was an aerial performance using pipes installed in the air, and the sight of multiple dancers performing in the air was overwhelming.

When I looked into aerial dance later, it seems that the name changes in various ways depending on what kind of tool is used in the shape of aerial XX.

For example, there are aerial hoops and aerial silks.


In addition, the audience was entertained with various genres of music and dance.

The sexy costume, which is one of the features, caught my eye, and took me to a place where my consciousness was about to fly away when I was invited to an extraordinary world.

The tip is to hand the red ticket to the dancer, but it will be handed over by inserting it into the chest or the gap of the bikini.

You can't touch them without permission, but if the dancers give you a hug gesture at this time, I will accept it warmly.Amen.

Carnival in Tokyo Kamata "SECS"not only"pleasantI heard that it is a place that also provides

They created a very pleasant atmosphere according to the concept.

So if you go, don't say, "I'm fine. I'm not sexy."oh yeah”, justifying himself to go to the village and follow the village,

I think it's good to spend time "enjoying".

However, please be careful not to go too far.


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