June 02, 2022

I've been talking to the member store!

 This is yanase during the acclaimed business!

The other day, I went to several dating clubs to explain PATOLO🚃

I had a chance to talk with Mr. Aso and Mr. Matsuzaka about a few things.
It's my first time doing sales, and I'm talking to other companies in the same industry.
Yanase: It was heart-pounding…!

While somehow keeping in mind Aso and Matsuzaka's smooth presentation
Yanase will also be able to explain...!

It's a very good impression and I'll do it at all!I was relieved to hear that...

I didn't think there was any downside for franchised stores (Yanase)
I learned a lot from the many comments and suggestions I received!

We will brush up with your valuable opinions as a reference! !

We plan to release it in February next year.
I think Yanase will let me talk about the Kansai area...!

Being in a dating club (whether individual or corporate)

I'm curious!If you are interested, please contact us ☺

PATOLO Division

Yanase Natsume

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