Get through the harsh winter of 2023 with this!4 best items for P-active girls in winter

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❤PATOLO Division❤Investment Love❤This is Sumire Mizukami.

Yesterday, today and today, the whole of Japan is cold.

It seems that the lowest temperature in Tokyo will be minus!

It may still be better because it doesn't snow,

Anywaycold! !🥶

Heaters, humidifiers, blankets to wear,

It's a tough time if you don't have a full set of equipment. .

Even so, P-active girls in the world are exceptionally fashionable,

I have to go to Daddy.

I want to be warm even a little while being fashionable.

For such troubled P-life women,

This time, about 4 recommended warm items

I would like to introduce myself 😳

fake tights

This is the best choice for the strongest cold wave! !

It is no exaggeration to say that fake tights.

It looks like bare skin, but the inside is brushed ❤

It's perfect for pairing with the current trend of mini skirts.

Because it is comfortable to wear and has a sense of warmth and security,

It seems to be a must-have item for a date!

off-the-shoulder knit

The off-the-shoulder knit that looks sexy even with a little exposure

It is an item that I would like to recommend as a P activity staff!

It's not too erotic, but it's good that it's not too formal.

Mr. Super cold is a solid outerwear

It might be good to go on a date♪

light colored outerwear

I have interviewed many women so far.

Than women who come in black brand down,

For women who come in brightly colored beautiful coats,

The feeling of neatness increased and the impression was good, and the complexion looked gorgeous ♪

If you want to make the first impression of your dad, start with a bright smile.

Let's raise the impression value remarkably at the meeting stage!

Hokkairo for toes

There may be more items that have a feeling now,

Is it okay to have such a groundbreaking item! ?

I was so impressed with this toe warmer.

When I was meeting my dad outside,

There are times when you get cold from your toes. .

Even in such a situation, if you wear this, your heels and boots will be warm ♪

(The best thing is that they offer to meet you indoors.)

What did you think? (*^-^*)

This time, the content was more like an advertisement, but💦

It's a scary time to get sick with epidemics and flu.

For dads and P-live women,

First of all, I hope you enjoy your date, putting your health first.

Sumire Minakami

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