Extraordinary from the entrance!Assault on the newly opened Universe Lounge! ?

 thank you for your hard work.My name is Oda.

This time

I went to the rumored universe lounge

So I would like to talk to you.

In November, I experienced sales as a pre-Opening in December 2022scheduled touniverse lounge.

It's obvious, but it was very beautiful because it was just completed.

Not only that, but the word "universe" means "universe" as it is, and the space that imagined the universe was spreading in the store.

I thought it would be wonderful to take the elevator to the upper floors of the building and plunge into that world as soon as the elevator door opened, as it would immediately plunge me into unreality.


At the entrance, the staff will greet you over the counter, unlock the automatic door, and guide you inside.This lounge is a membership system.

and is only available to members.

Both men and women are required to have an interview and an interview in advance, and use will start after registration.

When you think of a lounge, some people may have an image of a space where you can spend time while drinking alcohol and talking with girls in a box seat like a cabaret club or club.

In fact, this universe lounge isLounge type matching service storeに な っ て い ま す.

It's not as private room as THE SALON, but there are several semi-private rooms that can be separated by curtains, where you can talk lightly with women and consider whether to go out. It's how it works.

As for how it works, I spend about 20 minutes in this semi-private space talking to the woman who is visiting the store that day.

One course is 90 minutes, and you can talk directly with three women in the course and check your feelings.

of courseExchanging contact information and negotiating the terms of a relationship must be done outside the store, so such exchanges are not possible in a semi-private room.

There is a space behind the main floor where women can wait. It is now possible to fix it.

It seems that men can choose which women they want to talk to from among the women who are visiting the store.

It seems that drinks are included in the set, and it seems that you can order within the menu,

After talking for 20 minutes, take a break for 10 minutes and switch to the next woman.

(20 minutes + 10 minutes) x 3 times = 90 minutes 3 people

is calculated.

It seems that it is possible to extend it by paying an additional fee, but in general, it seems that most of the time, he goes out with someone who seems to get along well during the 90-minute conversation with the three people.

I came all the way, just talked, and went home without being able to exchange contact information.

It seems that there are not many.

After all, it seems that the trend is to propose going out to those who like it, go out, and go out for free love.Women can register for free, and if they pass the screening at the interview, they can start using it.For men, the admission fee is 11 yen including tax, and after that, the annual membership fee is 5 yen.An admission fee of 5 yen is required each time you use the lounge.This admission fee includes drinks and 3 minutes of use.

The extension is 30 yen for 5,500 minutes, so it will be just enough to talk to one woman.

You can add the time you want to extend or the number of people you want to talk to.

However, I think there is a limit to the number of women who can work, so I don't think they can be used endlessly.

Members who have already joined the Universe Club or THE SALON seem to have some preferential treatment for the first admission fee, so if you are an existing member and are interested, please contact us.

Universe lounge is quite interesting tick tock.


Oshiro, the president, and other members have irregularly sent out activities until the opening.

I've heard that you can handle a wide range of women's appearances.

Compared to the concept of high class and high quality like THE SALON, it seems to be a somewhat ordinary looking person, and in terms of universe club classes, it would be like a gold class or higher.

In the end, I think it's my preference, but if it's a world view like "meeting with a sophisticated woman", I might choose THE SALON, and if I want to meet a more general woman, I might choose "Universe Lounge". .

In the case of a water business shop

ク ラ ブ

Cabaret club

Lounge/Girls Bar

Although there may be an image like

* Of course, it depends on the shop, so I think there are high-class cabaret clubs, there are common cabaret clubs, and I think there are high-quality lounges,

If the luxury club were to be THE SALON,

The cabaret club is the universe club

The lounge may be called the Universe Lounge.

I can't generalize, and Universe Club isn't a store service, so it feels forced, but I hope it gives you an idea.

Although it was a commoner's room, the interior space was refined, and it was a very clean space, partly because it was warm.

The universe projected on the LED monitor installed at the bar counter gives off this wonderful view of the world.

“The Universe Club is not a store, is it?”

It's a story, but it's true, isn't it?

Good or bad here, I think it's a matter of taste,

While staying at home, check videos, photos, and profiles on the membership site, make appointments by e-mail, etc., decide the date and time, and meet directly at the meeting place on the day. service.

Whether you are out or at home, you can check it from your smartphone if you have an internet environment, so there is an advantage that you can ask for a date when you think of it.

On the other hand, the store-type Universe Lounge requires that you have to go to Ginza where the store is located.

However, since you can talk face-to-face directly in front of you and explore the compatibility, it will be more accurate than judging only from photos and videos on the Internet.

It may not be possible to choose on the site like a dating club and fail when it comes time to meet.

In the Universe Lounge, you can talk directly with them, and if you think something is wrong, you don't have to ask them to go out.

Also, in the case of dating clubs, it may be difficult to say, "I want to go on a date today."

I'm not on standby, so I can confirm availability with the woman, but she wasn't originally scheduled, so if it happens to be available, it might go well. It is difficult to get in touch with people who have them, so it is not easy to make a wish to see them on the same day.

On the other hand, in the case of Universe Lounge

You can stop by around Ginza, and if you make a reservation to enter the store, you can stop by casually,

It seems that you can go out with someone who seems to be a good match for that day.

It seems to be said that it is a fashionable encounter cafe.

Such a universe lounge,

I would like to keep an eye on it.

In a little while

I would like to declare first.

Congratulations on your opening!


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