This time it's a garbage time instead of a god time?Write a progress report as a staff member. ~Shibuya edition~

Always I am indebted.
This is Oda from the PATOLO promotion team.

The other day, I went on a business trip to Tokyo and the Kanto region.
So far, Oda's articles have been about PATOLO itself or related things,

This time, I would like to make it a time to write progress etc. like other staff.

I'm at a loss as to where to begin, but I'm currently working from home and live in the Kansai region.

first timeself-introduction articleAs I touched on it a little bit, I was originally a coordinator (staff) of the dating club Universe Club.

Now that we have moved, we no longer have the office we used to have, but I joined the company in Osaka, and since then I have dealt with interviews, interviews, and settings mainly in the Kansai region.

That being said, I don't have direct connections with branches and staff all over the country, so this timeI visited various offices of Universe Club and related services.

First of all, let me tell you about the circumstances that led to my business trip this time.Would it be possible to receive PATOLO's service content from an existing Universe Club member?So, Seki, a staff member who is in charge of promotion togetherBlog postWe are looking for people who can cooperate with us.

Then, a female member of the Universe Club living in Tokyo contacted me,Shibuya officeI will be able to interview you.

As a result, Oda also went on a business trip to Tokyo.

I am very sorry,
The plane I was supposed to board was canceled due to engine trouble.


About an hour later, I hurried to Shibuya, Tokyo by plane.
Even if I say hurry, I'm just in a hurry,
You can't speed up the plane, so
I was completely out of time. .

Mr. Seki, a staff member, was in Tokyo from the previous day, so I was able to handle this interview without any problems, but it was unfortunate.

Seki-san is planning to write a separate article about the state and content of this interview m(_ _)m

I was late, but I visited the Universe Club Shibuya office and said hello to the concierge staff working there.

-Shibuya office

Google Maps is amazing.
If you see the introduction page of the Shibuya office on this link, you can take a peek inside the office with Google Maps.

When I visited, the same scenery was spreading.

One vertically long room inside is the room for filming and interviews. This is the place where you can take photos and videos for your profile.

It's going to be a bit of a slope from the station, but Shibuya's 109 side is mostly a slope.
It's a bit of a walk, but if you're used to it, it might not be that hard.

At this time, I had to drag my carry-on bag and bring two PCs with me, so it was heavy and I was wheezing, but the local people around me looked cool.

I was in Tokyo a long time ago, and I remember that time when Shibuya Public Hall became CC Lemon Hall. seems to be called "LINE CUBE SHIBUYA".
I was personally surprised.

There are multiple Universe Club stores in Tokyo, and currently staff at each location seems to be conducting interviews, interviews, emails and phone calls.

There was a small space next to the interview room, and everyone seemed to be working with a PC set up there.

Also, as was the case with the interview with the woman this time, there was a space for the interview in a separate room, such as when the interview with the man did not involve shooting, and it was possible to hear the story there.

This time, I couldn't spend the whole day in close contact with them, so I wasn't able to see much about the actual interviews and work.

I don't know if you will allow me

This time it was about sneaking into Universe Club Shibuya.
Next time, I would like to touch on other offices!


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