June 08, 2023

Dating club version vending machine installed!

We become indebted to.
I always sit on the toilet at home.
A new type of matching "Investment Love" PATOLO Division live cleanis the slogan Matsuzaka (*^^*)


Everyone involved in the management of the dating club, aren't you swayed by the setting of the dating club?


It is often the case that the schedules of the male and female members do not match up, and it takes days to make adjustments, and only the exchanges pile up, and it is not decided at all.
Even if you think that the schedule was decided smoothly, it is often necessary to readjust due to poor health or other circumstances, and it is often not decided from there.


In PATOLO, male and female members can chat and set up without going through the clubmatching app formatauto date.
If the club only accepts auto dates,No setting work.
In other words, if there is an auto date, there is no need for schedule adjustment work.generate automatic earnings.


Recently, the number of ramen and Italian frozen vending machines has increased, but it seems that they are earning a stable income.
For restaurants, just make it at the store, package it, and put it in the vending machine.
The dating club just interviews, takes photos and uploads to the member page.


dating club version vending machinemay become a new mechanism to change the industry (delusion)


Shunichi Matsuzaka


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