How an Amateur Girl Gets Transportation Expenses of 2

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Investment Love❤PATOLO Division❤MizukamiIt is.

PATOLO is steadily pushing towards its release.

In the form of a new "investment love", it will be a tool that will help you with P activities.

which occurs first inTransportation fee (tip).

A tip will be generated if you disband on a meal date.

Furthermore, in PATOLO5000 yen to 2 10,000 yenbetween

Ladies, please decide the amount yourself.

“Can I set my own transportation expenses!?”

Then, of course, you want to set it to 2 yen.

Only! ! !

If you are in a position to support

I want to pay 2 yen for a meal with you,

Can you say you have

Do you have outstanding looks?

Do you have enough knowledge to match the level of conversation with the management?

Can you talk like a cabaret club or club member?

How many words can you come up with that will satisfy the hearts of men who become supporters?

"I don't have it, but I can do it!"

Those who have a baseless confidence.

Once things calmed down,

I would like you to decide the amount of transportation expenses.

Even at cabaret clubs and snacks,

You can earn 2 yen in a few hours,

It will not come true unless you are a woman with a lot of ability.

"I like visiting cafes♪"

"I like shopping♪"

Even with just that, it will be difficult to find a long-term daddy.

To make PATOLO's activities even better,

from now onyour strengths,point of approachThe

Digging deeper, making as many as possible,

You may get more empathy and support.

(I hope to touch on this area in my next blog♪)

Sumire Minakami

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