[Is it implemented] What kind of person is it! ?I'll be naked! ?

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PATOLO Division❤Investment Love❤Sumire MizukamiIt is.

Finally, I will write an article about PATOLO this time! ! !smile

We are in the midst of developing acclaimed designs and specifications.

The specifications change every day, and Mizukami himself checks it.

I can always touch it with a fresh feeling!

Maybe it will change again tomorrow?My heart is pounding when I think about it...

From such specifications this time,

Rating system

I would like to talk to you about

*This is an image under development.

Find the man you want to meet from the super cool login screen...

*This is an image under development.

When you press this evaluation part...

*This is an image under development.


No! !

How! ! !

It might be a specification that you can see what kind of reviews the other party has sent so far! ?

Since it is not possible to know who sent it,

(As expected, if you write too much detail about the date, it will be revealed w)

You can view honest-based feedback.

With this, you can rest assured that you can date only with nice people ♪

For celebrities (female members), in order to receive tips (transportation expenses) due to specifications,

Be sure to write a date report and send it to PATOLO♪

(If you don't write it, you may not get a tip...!?)

What did you think?

What a great evaluation system!It was a good article,

High evaluation = Easy to match your feelings

That's not to say.

Taka is evaluated.However, although it is an evaluation,

We hope that you will use it as an index.

Sumire Minakami

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