Where did adultery and cheating come from?Which one is worse?

Good morning, I am in charge of sales at PATOLO.
My name is Natsume Yanase.Thank you.

Yanase: Actually, I'm divorced (suddenly)

a long time ago with a friend“Which do you think is worse, an affair before marriage or an affair after marriage?”

There was a discussion (?).

friend isadultery.

"Because I decided that I was married only to the other party!
I think breaking a promise is the worst! ! ! (He said something like that.)

I completelyFlirtatious.

"If you're not married, then you should say goodbye and have fun.
Once you get married, you can't break up easily. "

I think we had that kind of conversation.That was when I was still young.

I also got divorced quickly after being married for about 2 years.
Including the period of dating and cohabitation, I spent 7 years with my ex-husband.

The most beautiful but crazy period from the teens to the early twenties
I spent it with one man.

As I mentioned earlier, I am anti-cheating, so
I'm not cheating, but after getting married, I had a lot of desires to have an affair.

"I wish I hadn't compromised because I was in my teens for seven years."

There has never been a day when I didn't think so.

what do you want to say

I don't like cheating or adultery
I'm sorry for those who don't have money

That is.

This industry is scouting SNS
"No face-to-face allowance www"
“Why did you spend XNUMX yen with a disgusting uncle like you?”
I often see sentences like

That's true! ! !
I think it's great from the wife's side and from a third party.

"No, I don't like women who are making money, so I'm sifting them."

Men often say,

I'm a former coordinator of the Universe Club, so I know what men like.
・Not rubbed
・I'm not making money

Yeah, I know, I know.


"A woman who doesn't make money"Also※We do not make money, but

I am registering because I want money. * Still not making money

It is not to dedicate precious time spent with Pichi Pichi Body for charity work.

"You don't need money for a face-to-face meeting."

with a man who says

"Thank you for taking the time"

A man called.

Which one would you like to date?
Even if the amount you want is the same, which one is better?

It's not good, but even women who are used to doing it insanely
even a professional woman

It's not about dating, and it doesn't develop into romance.

A man who has no money and cannot satisfy his family and his mistress
I don't want you in this industry.

I strongly believe in Yanase.

Sorry for the blog that I don't know what to say.
Please complain to Seki (?)

Oh, actually, I'm a pregnant woman mentally, and I'm sensitive to affairs and cheating.
Don't think you can't cheat just because you have a baby, don't underestimate
Every day we fight an invisible enemy.

I will spend my time in peace.


Natsume Yanase

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