Match top men and top women! ?Ginza THE SALON is amazing.

 thank you for your hard work. This is Oda from the PATOLO secretariat.

Recently, I have been sending out information in report format about each place I visited during my business trip to Tokyo.

This time, I would like to talk about Ginza THE SALON.

THE SALON is a high-class matching that receives introductions in a secret space, but as a concept,

"The Salon" is a complete membership salon that has the strictest entrance examination in Japan for both men and women.

At a secret social gathering place where only high-ranking men and women who have cleared strict standards are enrolled, we offer high-quality encounters that you can never experience anywhere else. ”

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That's what I'm asking.

The number of members is limited to 50 people, and it is currently the only store in Japan that is only in Ginza.

As an admission qualification for men.

・You must be over 40 years old and meet one of the following conditions.

・ Annual income of 4000 million yen or more (income proof required)

・Asset proof of 8000 million yen or more (real estate, securities, account proof, etc.)

・Those who have an American Express Centurion card (credit card) (Corporate and family cards are invalid)

Examination contents

"A gentleman who understands not only women but also the service content and staff's response.

There is an examination that includes personality, looks, etc.

Enrollment on the same day is not possible.

We will refrain from official identification with a face photo. ”

That's what it says.

Admission feeIt is 1,320,000 yen (tax included).

It's definitely not possible to join unless you're rich.

THE SALON is a secret existence, so anyone can browse the website, but only members know the location.

You can check the atmosphere of the shop on their website.

*Refer to THE SALON HP

In addition, we have prepared impressions and interviews of existing members, so if you are interested, please check every corner of the website.

I visited THE SALON, and the gap between the inside and outside of the store is amazing.

The building is a building with various restaurants, but the building itself is not that big.

I don't know about other floors, but the salon is on the first floor when you go up the elevator.

However, since it is a secret, only those who know, or rather, members can enter.

The door is locked, and when the staff enters, it is unlocked by entering the password.

I think it's usually in the form of picking you up at the entrance.

Since appointments are made in advance, it is possible to predict what time you will arrive, so I will be on standby and will pick you up when you arrive.

That aside,

Compared to the Universe Lounge introduced in the next article,

The world view of the lounge spreads from the moment the elevator door opens,

THE SALON is a good meaning, the floor in front of the elevator

It was an atmosphere that I could not believe that a high-class store space was prepared here.

To make it as easy to understand as possible, if I dare to use a bad expression, it seems that there is no particular interior decoration until the elevator, huh?Are there business hours yet?Or closed and looking for tenants now?I remember it being like that.



I think that the original walls are probably left as they are in order to erase the existence of the salon.


I was surprised when I entered inside,Upscale ambience, proof, and furnishings.

It's a surprising space.

A calm space with a little less brightness.

Several small rooms were prepared, and the male and female voices waited separately at the appointed time, and when the time came, they were alone in the small room.

Of course I can't do anything about it,

It was a limited time, but I think it was about 20 to 30 minutes.

At this stage, exchanging contact information and negotiating the terms of a relationship are not allowed, and the staff is not in the room, but women are doing the same within the same rules, so it is better to break the rules here. I don't think so.

After a certain amount of time has passed after a light conversation, the woman will be ejected and wait in separate rooms for male and female voices.

In the meantime, the staff concierge will check the feeling of the man.

If the man wishes to go out here, the woman and the man can go out of the store.

Beverages are available in THE SALON, but there is no meal. I think there are snacks that you can eat, but I think that it is not enough for eating and drinking, so please go to the restaurant when you go out. I think there is a lot of flow that the two of you talk about more specific things about dating while drinking alcohol and eating.

At the salon, we will only help you with matching in the store, so we will prepare restaurants when you go out and go out with you after that.

If the feelings of men and women do not match, the women will be disbanded, and the men will also be basically disbanded.

At this time, we will return at different times so as not to bat.

Women are guaranteed transportation.

Even if you don't go out without success,

If men are not allowed, the staff will bear the women's transportation expenses on the spot.

It seems that the transportation expenses will be handed over to the woman by the staff.

On the contrary, when going out, it seems to be received directly from men.

In fact, at the salon, you can't nominate which woman you want to meet when you visit.

Please contact us in advance to consult about visiting the salon, and the staff concierge will ask you about your preferences and wishes, and we will adjust the women who are likely to suit you.

Men can't check photos and videos of women in advance, so we will meet for the first time in the room on the day.

Women are in a passive state just like normal dating clubs, so basically they wait for the staff to contact them. Ultimately, it will be a flow to check the feeling in the room on the day.

A man who heard this

"Huh? There's only risk if you can't choose yourself?"

Isn't there some people who thought?

Certainly, there is no doubt that the relationship of trust with the staff concierge holds the key.

"What's good about high-priced services and high risk?"

Some of you may have felt that.

Aside from the precondition of being rich,

In fact, it seems that men have the following needs.

"I don't like women who expose their face photos."


No, isn't that a matching app and a dating club?


I know how you feel.

"Even though I want to meet you, I don't like women who are looking for a date, isn't it contradictory?"

That's right.

But this seemingly contradictory feeling of a man,

It seems that this is what happens when you unravel a little more.

・I want to meet women, but I don't like women who are meeting other men.

・When a woman puts a photo of her face on the site, it feels like she is eager to meet someone.

・Conversely, I think women who are not listed on the site are ordinary people with ordinary senses

(Putting aside what is normal,)

・ I want to meet such a woman

・Beautiful women who are not on the site are rare

・ It would be great if you could get a match that meets those conditions even if you pay a little money

I see ~

Somehow, I feel like I don't understand this person's feelings.

I want to meet my own innocent person

even if it costs money

In the first place, I will be repelled in terms of money,

If you can spend money and have the above feelings

If you can visit Ginza,

Since we can discuss in more detail during the interview,

You may consider it once.

*Refer to THE SALON HP

Everyone at THE SALON

Thank you all!


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