I visited the Universe Club Hiroshima Branch!

pretty! ! ✨✨

Good access there! ! ! ✨✨

Thank you for always watching my blog♪

Investment Love❤PATOLO Division❤I'm on the water.

By saying business trip this time,

Universe Club Hiroshima Branch

I'm sorry to bother you! 😃✨✨

Hiroshima, a big city in the San'in region.

The station has also been redeveloped, and tower apartments and wonderful hotels are lined up,

HatchoboriWith a focus onKamiyachoからGinzan TownAnd the downtown area that continues.

if you leave for a whileItsukushima shrineToTomonoura,OnomichiThere is also a town that became the stage of movies such as

It's a perfect prefecture for sightseeing and eating, and Minakami is also my favorite place♪

With the staff who usually only meet on the chat,

I can't say it here.

After all, we have to talk face-to-face!I'm a person from the Showa era who can't help but think.

The woman who interviewed me immediately came ❤

"I'm nervous~" and the unfamiliar atmosphere was cute ♪ 😳💟

Please send us a fun P-katsu life in Universe Club and PATOLO✨

Both Hiroshima branch staff gave us a toast at the end❤

Thank you ♪

Minakami Sumire

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