June 26, 2022

I went to the Ginza office of Universe Club!

 thank you for your hard work.This is Oda.

This time

I went to the Ginza office of Universe Club on a business trip.

I will talk about that.

The other day, I visited Tokyo on a business trip, and took the time to visit various stores.

Although the company's head office is in Tokyo, I am usually in the Kansai region, so I had the opportunity to visit the company a few times a year.

The Ginza office is near Shimbashi, but there was an office in one corner of the building in front of the station.

-Ginza office

Until I went inside, I thought it was dark and narrow, probably due to the design of the building, but when I went inside, I couldn't help but say, "It's spacious!"

Although the number of rooms is by no means large, it seems that they have secured a vertically long space for interviews and photo shoots, similar to the Shibuya office.

There is also the fact that I visited during the day, but since the tenant has a lot of windows and transparent glass from the floor to the ceiling, it seems to be the best environment for shooting with natural light.

It was a surprise because I had never imagined that the other side of this door was such an open space until I actually went inside.

The reason is that the building in front of the station is probably an old building, and the elevator that came up was an old-fashioned old equipment.

The ceiling height of the corridor in the common area was low and felt oppressive, and the entrance door of each tenant was a dark color. It was the atmosphere of THE old office.

Actually, I once went to the office in front of the current Ginza office.

The doors and walls of the current Universe Ginza had a dark brown wood grain design with a profound feeling.
I was surprised because I did not think that the other side of this door was wide.

Finding the right office for your interview can be difficult.
Because there is no office that is premised on shooting in the first place,
Windows are usually small, and even if there is a large window, the window itself is covered with a blackout filter.

Originally, this is based on the assumption that the office will be used for working on a PC in the office, so if the light comes in from the outside, it will be difficult to see the PC monitor, or it will be difficult to work due to the glare. Therefore, there are many windows from about chest height, and even if the floor to the ceiling is glass, measures are taken to block out the light from the outside to some extent.

While there are many such offices, it is difficult to find a property with large windows, plenty of natural light, a bright interior, and a reasonable size.

By the way, both the Shibuya office and the Ginza office have a rather rectangular and vertically long space, but this has something to do with the women's photography.

Depending on the lens of the camera, women are photographed in various poses, such as bust-up, sitting, and standing.

Among them, if you want to take a photo that shows the whole body while standing, you need to keep a certain distance from the woman who will be the subject.

Also, if you want to shoot a single-lens reflex-like photo with a blurred background, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance from the background of the woman who will be the subject.

If there is a wall or furniture that is reflected in the background, the focus position is close to the woman, so the background is not so blurry, and it may not be possible to take a photo that makes the woman stand out.

For this reason, it seems that the camera is designed to ensure the distance from the background in addition to whether or not the woman is in the angle of view.


Of course, it doesn't matter if the room is square or any shape, as long as it's spacious enough, but in a city near a train station, the rent for such a large space is quite high, and there aren't many vacancies.

When you are looking for a property, you probably bring a camera and take test shots, thinking about whether you can secure a shooting distance even if it is narrow, while looking for an office.

Maybe ^^;

Incidentally The office space is also large.

Even if it is said to be spacious, it will be compared with others, but compared to Shibuya, the impression is that it is quite spacious.

The number of desks is completely different, but I thought the space was spacious.

The atmosphere at the entrance was rather narrow, so I didn't think that it would be so wide when I opened the door to the room from the entrance.

I've only said that it's spacious from a while ago, but it seems that related stores in the neighborhood often use it, so it may be that they have a wider space.

However, I thought it was amazing that I was able to get this section.
I haven't heard about the rent, so if it's expensive, that's it, but I felt that it was a nice space.

So, this time as well, I wasn't able to directly observe the interview, so I was only able to observe the room and talk a little with the staff.

A woman was there for an interview when I visited her, but she was talking about another matter, so I wasn't able to sit with her.

I hope to hear from you again someday.
Thank you to everyone at the Ginza office.


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