For women who are likely to go mad by exchanging messages ~The staff of the dating club will act as an intermediary~

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Investment Love❤PATOLO Division MizukamiIt is.

I am using the acclaimed love and marriage matching app.

Good every day!My fingers were exhausted from exchanging messages with

A message with no intention of communicating (Are you willing to meet?)

Every Saturday and Sunday my schedule is crushed by a date (for those who don't like it)

When I meet you, it's completely glaring

The next time we meet, I'm annoyed that I'll have that kind of relationship...

Menhera messages such as "I can't see you anymore and I'm lonely 🥺" at the moment we broke up...

Women who can successfully find a romantic partner without going crazy with this


If you don't have a generous heart like Buddha, you can't master it. . .

I'm Mizukami, who feels the pain of having a matching app.

For those who are tired of having such a matching app,

Unique system in PATOLO

order date

Please use the

"Convenient!" "You can go on a date with peace of mind!"

You may think so♪

When accepting a date at PATOLO,

"Auto date (the two of you will decide the schedule by the matching application method)"
"Order date (the dating club staff will mediate until the schedule is decided)"

And it is possible to choose.

I can't decide on a date...

I can't keep up with the deal...

The stress of thinking that you have to reply when you receive a reply...


Well, well, there are P activities that happen,

Dating club staff will mediate and guide you until the establishment ♪

Rather than getting tired before we meet,

So that you can fully enjoy your date,

PATOLO staff will help you♪

(It was Mizukami who I would like you to introduce to the acclaimed matching app.)

Sumire Minakami

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