Is being a dad an option as a side job?

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The other day, I had a meeting with a member store at a cafe somewhere in Tokyo.

Lately, I've been working from home a lot and often don't even leave the house on weekdays, so I thought it would be nice to put on a suit for the first time in a while ^^



I'm like that, but I love saving money (though I'm not very good at it).I'm a pretty stingy type.…! !

For example, when going on a trip, you may decide whether to make a hotel + Shinkansen package or to make separate reservations.



After researching which is cheaper to book,CheaperTheMake a reservation.


I might be the type of person who doesn't spare any effort if it means being stingy lol.



However, I suddenly thought that I wanted to save up some more money, so I searched Google to see if there was a good side job, and I came across the phrase, ``Turn your father's life into a side job.''


I thought that if I were a woman and the only qualification I had was a ``driver's license,'' I might have been working as a ``daddy.''




However, since I'm involved in this industry, I think that ``dad-hunting'' doesn't require any qualifications, but isn't it a pretty difficult side job? ?That's what I think...💦



Our male members have survived in a harsh society.“Veteran warrior”I think it 's.


Because I am talking to such people,

You have to try to spend more time with them than with a "top salesman"! !




Yeah, yeah, that's not too difficult! ! ! ? ?




On the other hand, if you think it's easy and try to make ``dad activities'' a side job, you'll end up hurting yourself.



I'm sure there are words on the internet that say ``it's easy to make money,'' but I think it's better to have clear dreams and goals and go about your ``dad life''!


We will support you to make your activities at PATOLO even better!


Thank you for your continued support! !


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