Is it okay to wear perfume on a date?

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Is it okay to wear perfume on a date?

I would like to talk about

In conclusion, it seems better to think about perfume NG for both women and men


I think that there are many people who use perfume on a daily basis for various reasons, such as fashion, improving mood, balancing with body odor, etc.

Since it is necessary to consider the convenience of the other party when using perfume on a date, it seems better to refrain from using it too aggressively.

Be especially careful when meeting someone for the first time on a first date.

Aromas and odors can leave an unexpected impression on you, but if they are too strong, they tend to be unpleasant.

I have never heard a man say, "Mr. ○○'s perfume smells great!"

vice versa,

.The smell was so strong that it was unpleasant and gave me a headache

.interfered with eating

.I was worried that my clothes would smell

Sometimes we hear negative stories like:

Depending on the other party's convenience, it may be troublesome if the smell gets on their clothes, so you want to be careful.

When meeting for the first time, it is safer to avoid using perfume before a date because you can hardly know the other person's circumstances.

If you use it, after the date, after breaking up, it would be better to wrap yourself in your favorite scent.

I don't think you need to worry about the scent of shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, or clothes (incense or fragrance you use at home), but if you really want to wear perfume, use a small amount. Or better yet, wear it hours before you meet up for a date.

Just before meeting up, get excited and pretend!I don't think there is such a thing, but I would like to avoid it.

Women don't like things that smell too strong on the male side as well.

This may be because Japanese people are said to have weak or little body odor on average.

Also, I would like to be careful not only about perfume, but also about body odor and bad breath.

Perhaps because men are often older, there are many negative stories about body odor and bad breath from women in post-date questionnaires.

It's a side that can't be helped after a certain age, but that's why if you really want to take care of it, it may be just right to take care of it more than the other woman.

I often hear that bad breath is more negative than body odor.

It's just right for a man to smell a little sweaty.

The only people who could say that were young boys in their teens or early twenties.
(No, no matter who you are, it's a little sweaty, but...)

As an entertainer or an actor, when filming dramas, I was concerned about the other actress, and on days when there was a kiss scene, I brushed my teeth a lot before filming.

I often hear episodes like,
In addition to daily care, it may be just right to brush your teeth before a date.

If such a thing increases the possibility of developing a relationship, I would like to do it quickly.

Let's brush our teeth like we go to the dentist on our date.

As for body odor and bad breath, I think that there are many things that come from the body and habits, so perfume has the opposite effect.

Whether it's the odor of aging, whether it's the odor of aging, or whether you don't want to admit that it's the odor of aging, boys also want to think about their partner and prepare.

If you think about it carefully, consideration begins from this point.

We hope that it will be a good meeting for both men and women.

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