How should I dress for a date?

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How should I dress for a date?

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Conclusion”go on a dateIf you think about that and try to be a little more neat and tidy than usual, there is no particular problem.

This is the 100% correct outfit.It's difficult to say, but I think it's okay if you don't take too much care, so if you're worried about what to wear, don't worry.

However, this would not be good.Since there is such a thing, I would like to give some examples.

XNUMX. Dirty clothes

It's up to you how you dress in your private time, but you should be a little more careful when going on a date.

It doesn't matter if it's not particularly expensive, so it's better if you dress up a little before going out.

Dating is not limited to daddy activities, but everyone has the experience of going out with the best possible outfit when meeting a boyfriend, girlfriend, or boyfriend candidate girlfriend candidate in the past.

That level of consideration is fine, so I would like to be careful not to go out in clothes that are too tight.

As I will touch on in the next item, if it is too worn out or too careless, it will stand out.

When I spend time with him and go out to eat, I don't get the impression that he's too worn out.

Even if the other person doesn't get a bad impression directly, you still don't want to wear clothes that make people think "Wow" at the store or on the road.

There may not be many people who go that far, but it's best to avoid not only clothes, but shoes and bags that are worn out from everyday use as much as possible.

It may be fine on days when you're just commuting and no one is watching, but you should wear something a little prettier on a date.

Especially on the first date, the first impression will lead to the relationship afterward, so you don't have to stretch yourself too much.

XNUMX. Too flashy clothes

At first glance, it looks like the opposite of XNUMX, "Dirty clothes", but it's not good if it's too flashy.

The main reason is because it stands out too much.

On a date, you have a partner and you have a sense of the world of two people, so you don't have to stand out from "someone else" such as people on the street or shop assistants.

Also, due to the nature of dad activity, it may be inconvenient if it stands out.

"Normal" is a difficult place because it is difficult to understand what is normal, but I would like to be careful not to dress too different from other people.

This is also the first time you meet each other on a first date, so you don't know each other's values ​​yet, so you want to choose a safe outfit first.

For example, I would like to avoid wearing characteristic clothes like Gothic Lolita or clothes that reveal too much.

It's not very common for dad activities, but for example, after getting to know each other, we hit it off with our Gothic-Lolita hobby and go out together in Gothic-Lolita fashion.There is no problem if it is like that, but first of all, I would like to start from a safe place rather than putting my hobby on the front.

For men, it may not be too flashy, but men should be careful as well.

XNUMX. Too old style

It is said that women are generally more interested in fashion than men, so I don't think there is a problem, but if you are not very interested in fashion on a daily basis, you should be careful. .

There are some things in common with XNUMX and XNUMX, but they still stand out.

In the case of men, for example, the shape of suits and jackets may remain old.

I've been using it for a long time, and it's wonderful to cherish it for a long time.If you don't think so, it is better to choose a type that is currently in circulation on the day of the date.

It doesn't have to be a particularly expensive branded suit or jacket, but if it's old or dirty, it will affect whether the relationship between the two of you develops later.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear a suit, but there are fewer fashion patterns for men, so it seems that it will lead to a good date if you are conscious of neatness to the extent that you do not overdo it.

Extra edition

There are parts that overlap with the contents of XNUMX to XNUMX, but I will introduce some as an extra edition.

Clothes that are tightly packed with branded items

XNUMX. Although it is also a part that leads to clothes that are too flashy, clothes that are solidified with high brands from the whole body and are clearly recognizable as branded clothes tend to be flashy.

In the case of men, it's kind of glaring and I'm worried about it.
Sure, it's a way to show your financial strength, but it's also kind of scary.
A woman on a date might be a little intimidating.

In the case of women, I imagine that they already have the purchasing power to wear branded items, or that they have supporters.

I don't think the brand items you wear and the cost of dating are necessarily proportional, but for some reason, men tend to unconsciously imagine that dating this person will cost a lot of money.

It's okay if I don't support myself.Or if there are other men, I wonder if I'm good.I tend to feel like this.

"Then I'll buy you something more expensive."

It's hard to say, so it seems better to keep brand fashion in moderation.

shoes that are difficult to walk

You may have to walk a little from the meeting place to the restaurant to eat on the date.

I don't think you need shoes that are enough to run, but shoes with too high heels or shoes that you are not accustomed to can cause unnecessary stress such as blisters and walking fatigue, and you will not be able to concentrate on the date.

If it's far, take a taxi!

It's understandable for a woman to feel like that, but especially for the first time, we don't know each other's values ​​yet, so we'll be careful, so if you can choose shoes, choose the best shoes. Let's call

As might be expected

I made athletic shoes that I could run at full speed in case I was about to run away for some reason.

I don't think anyone would say that, but even though it's easy to walk around in, sneakers should be avoided as a fashion item for dates.

too much baggage

Sometimes there are people with a lot of luggage for some reason.
It may be because of work or other circumstances, but it seems that there are people who sometimes go on dates with carry-on bags and other items.

In addition to being difficult to move around, it also stands out, so it can't be helped for the other person on a date.

There are ways to use a coin locker, but in the end you have to go to the locker to get it, so if possible, you should leave your luggage at home and go on a date lightly.

Also, although it has nothing to do with luggage fees, I think it's better not to carry anything too important if possible.

It's not like it's stolen or anything like that, but if you lose it, it's no longer a date, so neither you nor the other person will do you any good.

At that time, will men follow me?

Some people may think that, but if you don't have enough money, it's not exactly equal whether you want to follow or not. It seems better not to bring something too important that you can't lose it on a date.

Men should also be careful when handling important items, expensive items, money, and wallets.

This is because if there is a theft, of course the person who stole it is to blame, but there is nothing worse than being suspected of not stealing.

In that case, I would like you to take care of yourself and the other party so that you do not bring in such things as self-defense so that you do not suspect someone in the first place.

Wallets and other things are also treated carelessly, and it's not strange that someone might come across a wad of bills in front of them, so I don't want to create such a situation. Please do not let me.

I don't think so, but sometimes I take advantage of this and make up something that didn't exist in the first place, and after leaving the hotel, "I lost an important luxury accessory." "I lost my luxury watch." Please be careful as you may hear troubles such as "You stole it. Pay the money."

I think it would be better to consult with the management as soon as possible about matching that has been adjusted by someone in the middle, such as a dating club.


For those who are interested in fashion on a daily basis, I think that it was a content that felt "that kind of thing is obvious", but if you are going on a date for the first time, please refer to it.

What if this is the case?If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them through the comments section or various SNS.

Thank you all!

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