This is Yanase from the PATOLO Division.

This time, I will explain the names used in PATOLO.

session... it's a date.

talent...for female members.

Supporter・・・Male members.

Merchant・・・Individuals and corporations such as dating clubs registered with PATOLO.

チップ・・・Transportation expenses to be given to women.

I think that the members who are enrolled in the universe club are unfamiliar with this term.

It would be helpful if you could gradually get used to it...!

Please allow me to introduce PATOLO a little later.

Advantages of PATOLO from a female perspective

・Since it's an app, it's easy

・ But it is safe because it is only men who have passed the interview examination

・You can find a partner by yourself

・Able to approach

・You can set your own tip (transportation expenses) (5000 yen to 20000 yen)

・Don't worry about getting a tip (transportation fee)

・ You can meet men other than the dating club you belong to

Good points of PATOLO from a male perspective

・Since it's an app, it's easy

・But it's safe because it's only women who have passed the interview.

・You may get an approach

・ You can exchange messages directly before meeting

・ You can search not only from the club you belong to but also from women in dating clubs nationwide

・ Contracts can be made only for the month you use (although it is troublesome because an interview is required when resuming)

If you are a member who does not mind adjusting by yourself,

Isn't PATOLO more profitable at all?

We are currently making preparations for next year's release at a rapid pace.

Please consider it by all means.

Universe Music Department PATOLO Business Department

Natsume Yanase

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