Do shy people lose money? ?

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of the PATOLO Divisionshy boyMy name is Mitsui.


ToDay"Do shy people lose money?I would like to write about.


First of all, I want to be "good at complimenting", too! ! !



The reason I came to think this way is because I saw other people's actions.


① When you go to a show pub where seniors and girls dance gorgeously, girls naturally gather around seniors

(XNUMX) A local friend was attracted to picking up people near the station (in the countryside).


There was something in common between the actions of the senior and the friend.


that is,"praise the girl anyway"That's it!


"cute!” was repeated to the girl many times…!

(I'm too weird to be too direct, so I changed the wording, but I omitted it.)


You might think it's obvious, but honestly I'm envious of people who can do this for granted ( ;∀;)


I'm not the type to be shy to say anything.


It's not that it's bad not to be able to say anything, but the two of them seemed to be lively and having fun because they spoke without being shy! !


If you only do the same actions, you will only have the same experiences,

Once in a while, if you try to act differently than usual, you might discover a different side of yourself (^^♪





I will do my best to "break away from shyness"! !















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