June 31, 2022

For supporters (male members), explain the flow after joining!

 Thank you for your help.
I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.

This time, I would like to talk about the flow of use after a supporter (male member) joins.

If you become a member and log in to the PATOLO member site, you can view the profile photos and videos of multiple talents (female members).

You can search for your favorite person and send a message directly to those who are interested in PATOLO.

When you meet, please coordinate the date and time and meeting place directly with the talent by exchanging messages.

Once the details are decided, I would like to formally proceed with the offer (date application).

If the talent agrees to the content requested by the supporter, the date will be confirmed.

At the time of decision, there is a settlement of PATOLO usage, women's setting fee, and women's transportation expenses.

If the date is successfully completed, PATOLO will send the female transportation fee as a transportation fee point to the woman.

You can completely prevent forgetting to hand over transportation expenses, which is common in matching troubles.

Celebrities (female members) can request a transfer of transportation expenses points to their designated account by applying for a transfer.

In the unlikely event that the date is not reached, the amount paid by the supporter will be returned as points.

It is possible to purchase points in advance, but it is also possible to pay each time at the time of payment.

In addition, if you purchase a large amount of points, points will be awarded a little more than the settlement amount.

[Supporter point purchase list]

・30,000 yen → 30,000 points

・50,000 yen → 50,000 points

・100,000→110,000 points

・300,000 yen → 339,000 points

・500,000 yen → 575,000 points

・1,000,000 yen → 1,200,000 points

After the date is decided, I would like you to meet on the day and proceed with it.

If you are currently using a dating club, I think there are clubs that check with women on the day or the day before, but PATOLO does not check the day before, as with the matching app, so on the day In case of emergency, I would like you to chat directly with the woman and meet up.

In the case of order setting using an agent when matching with PATOLO, you can also consult with the agent if you have any questions.

Depending on the agent, there may be cases where additional follow-up is available on its own, such as confirmation of the previous day, but the degree of support varies depending on the member store, so the basics are the same as the matching app, supporters (male members). Please consider that there is no confirmation of the previous day because it is a mechanism that completes the direct communication between the and the talent (female member).

If there are any additional functions in the future, I will let you know, and I would like to touch on that point in this article as well.Thank you very much for your continued support.

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