A thorough explanation of the costs borne by supporters (male members)!

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I'm Oda, in charge of PATOLO promotion.

this time mainly

I would like to talk about the cost image that the supporter will bear.

Supporters (male members) will have to bear some expenses such as the monthly fee of PATOLO and the setting fee when setting women, so we will guide you so that you can get an image of using it.

FirstPATOLO registration feeThere is a thing called.
This is a monthly fee rather than a membership fee.

There are two types of fees,XNUMX yen + tax for monthly payments

In the case of annual payment, the amount is XNUMX yen + tax..

Others will be charged for each use of setting for women.

Men firstPATOLO usage feeAsXNUMX yen each timeA fixed amount is required.

Separately, the amount is different for each womanSetting fee,

Set the amount by yourselfWomen's transportation expenses,

If instead of auto setting,For order setting using an agentplusagent feeIs required.

If the female setting fee and the female transportation fee are XNUMX yen each and no agent is used, the cost in the case of auto setting will be as follows.

PATOLO usage fee XNUMX yen

Female setting fee XNUMX yen

Female transportation fee XNUMX yen

Total: XNUMX yen

PATOLO usage is required for each setting, but the amount is a fixed amount of XNUMX yen.

The women's setting fee varies for each woman at the discretion of the member store.

Women can set their own travel expenses between 5 yen and 2 yen.

Agent fee is required only when setting up using an agent, and the amount setting differs for each member store.

When you meet me, I would like you to have a cup of tea or a meal, talk with each other, and check your compatibility and feelings.

Since it is free to exchange contact information after meeting directly, XNUMXIf you meet after the first time, you can arrange it directly with the two of you..

If the date ends successfully, PATOLO will take care of the women's transportation expenses, so it will be deposited until the female member applies for a transfer.

It is a mechanism that PATOLO will transfer to women.

After tea or a meal, for example, if the relationship develops, what kind of support will the supporter provide? I would appreciate your consultation.
We hope that it will lead to good matching for supporters (male members) and talents (female members).

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