What kind of person is a cool guy?

Since my last post wasn't very good, I ended up posting once every four weeks.

This is Mitsui from PATOLO support.


I'll try to make a memorial service for the last post sometime ^^


When I sweetly asked Chat GPT, ``Tell me the characteristics of a cool guy,'' I was surprised by so many answers👏👏


  1. Confidence and positive attitude: Good-looking men are confident in themselves and have positive, positive attitudes.He maintains a positive attitude towards others and difficulties.

  2. Cosmetic care: I take care of myself and have a sense of cleanliness.Appropriate clothing, hairstyle, and good posture will improve your appearance.

  3. Communication skills: Good-looking men are good at communicating with others, respecting others, and being good listeners.Good communication is important in building relationships.

  4. Passion and goals: I find it attractive that they are passionate about something and are striving towards their goals.It is considered cool to have a purpose in your life.

  5. sense of humor: Having a light sense of humor is also a factor that attracts people to you.A good amount of jokes and humor will improve interpersonal relationships and create a fun atmosphere.

  6. Politeness: It is also important to be polite and respectful of others.You are expected to be considerate and considerate in your interactions with others.


No, I'm really interested in it because it's definitely true.


So, why am I writing this blog with this title?


This is because "PATOLO men's post-date survey ratings are too high"!


No, there are too many cool fathers who are gentlemen (;_;)


The percentage of post-date evaluations of 5 or 4 isAbout 80%.

too cool!too expensive!What a surprise!



When I see this number, I am reminded of the high quality of PATOLO's fathers.

I think it would be impossible to get this number with other apps...! ?


What's amazing about it is that it's a real opinion from a woman on a date, so it's incredibly reliable.


If you are looking for a father, we will further spread the culture of PATOLO! !








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