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working from home

Low back pain-I can't show my underwear in my loungewear/I can't stop eating 🌰🍠🍡

I miss small talk!

We are falling into a certain teleworkPATOLOThis is Yukina Takeuchi from the Business Department😇

Today we did a bug check on the PATOLO member site📱💻

It's still a test environment, but it's a clean, simple and stylish site that you can't believe was made by a tough-looking designer.

Since PATOLO is a web application, it is not strictly an application.

However, it is highly functional like a matching app, and direct messages between members are comfortable ♪

Ah, I want you to use it soon! 🥺

When I was verifying, I suddenly thought, but it's common in matching apps ●

Online Offline display....

What do you think?

From the user's point of view, I thinknot needed".

What are you displaying in the first place?

What is the basis for judging whether the user is really active?

Because it will be a measure of whether you will receive a reply soon?

In any case, I feel that it creates unnecessary scrutiny in the relationship between men and women (゜-゜)

If you haven't logged in for a few days, it's a good rule of thumb that you won't get a reply, but on the other hand, if you're online every time you look at it, you'll think that someone other than yourself is interacting a lot😶

Since it's online, I thought I'd get a reply right away, so I sent a message, but if I don't get a reply, I'm confused 💨

If you search for matching apps or online games, you'll find quite a few "how to go offline" sites, so I wonder if many people are having trouble.

so how do i doCan you hide online?After all, the most common


In short, I even think that it is a function to gain profit from certain users who feel that it is unnecessary.

And what about PATOLO?

A. I don't know yet (laughs).

At the design stage, there seemed to be a display, but at the current verification, the function was not found.

I have a feeling that the function will be created by the time it is completed, but there may be a way to hide the online display if it is "private mode" that does not hit in the search.

However, at this time, no billing system is envisioned.

There are still many things to discuss before the release.

If you give your opinion in the comments now, it is in a state where it may be adopted.

Rather than creating a system in pursuit of company profits, by providing excellent services from the perspective of users and affiliated stores, satisfaction attracts people and profits are generated naturally.

I am aiming for such a flow. (personal opinion)

Please feel free to leave comments on the PATOLO blog!

Please talk to me who is hungry for small talk😂

PATOLO Division

Yukina Takeuchi

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