It's neither an app nor a dating club.

PATOLOto start.

I have been the coordinator of the Universe Club until now.

I'm Natsume Yanase, and I'm in charge of the PATOLO Division.

I will be in charge of the new business,

I am spending every day with excitement.

My responsibility is to increase the number of member stores and to gain their understanding.

What is PATOLO?I mean

SekiLooseOdaIt is written in the article of

I will also briefly explain.

"I want to find a partner easily like an app"

“It would be nice if there were approaches from women.”

"There aren't many women in the dating club I'm in."

"I want to find a good man from men in dating clubs all over the country!"

It is a new -investment love-platform that is perfect for such people ♪

Well anyway, in a nutshell
Teaming up with dating clubs across the country

Let's register here for all women and men who want to live.
Then everyone win-win-win-win, right?

It's like.After all, isn't it better for male and female members to have more options?Wouldn't it be easier for member stores to recommend to members if they can offer to members of other member stores? ?

Moreover... PATOLO so profit n (

representative!Is it really okay! ?It's a fee form.

If you are interested in dating clubs across the country, please contact us.

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