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If I don't write about PATOLO, I feel like I'll get yelled at.

PATOLO Division❤Investment Love❤Sumire MizukamiIt is.

The other day, for the first time in a long time, I had the opportunity to talk with a girl who was doing P activities outside of work.

She's pretty good at it.She is so sparkling that even women look at her and admire her.

Such a veteran fighter who has met various men.

Flowers bloomed unintentionally in "Kimo Papa Aaru Aru Aru Hanashi". .

This time, I would like to introduce other episodes that made me think, "This is not right!"

"Contraception is not possible" is out of the question, right?

(Should women bring rubber too? It's for self-defense, but do you think it looks professional?)

Stingy talk, full of complaints

This meansLandmine points that come up in the most dating feedbackmaybe.

"My previous child was able to have sex with XNUMX," or, "That child was XNUMX, so I really hated it." . .

I do not know

You will want to end with one word.

habit of denial

"No, no, no."

“But, right?”

Don't you just say that?

Minakami was also in P activity, even if there was.

No matter what you say, it will be returned as a paradox,

When I said, "It doesn't look like we're getting along very well,"

"No, I think it feels good at all," he said.

... where is it! !

There was a past that I retorted in my heart. .smile

When dating, let's always be positive, not your usual self ♪

dirty talk

There is.

Anyway, dad who is 100% erotic soaring in the brain.

Minakami was also there during P activities. .

Suddenly"What color are your pants today?"Or something

"I can't do it if I can't blame 〇〇, but can you do it?"Toka Toka Toka etc...

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be honest about your sexuality, but

Even if I say it jokingly, some women lose their temper at once, and it's an item that is often written in feedback.

When dating, you have to acquire the ability to read the atmosphere of the place.

沈 黙

It is also a voice that often comes up in dating feedback. .

Even when I talk to them, they only say "ah" or "yeah"...

However, she is very positive about dating after meals.

Are you too tired to say a word?

Or are you simply looking for a body?

In any case, it may be difficult to develop a good long-term relationship.

touches from the neck up

This is also an act that is surprisingly disliked.

something instinctive?There may also be

・I only want to kiss my boyfriend or someone I like

・I don't want my makeup to come off

・I don't like to touch my hair with my hands after touching various things during the act.Bad feeling

There is a case where the opinion is often raised.

As a man, you may think that you want to chew a lot if you have the time❤,

Well, I don't understand... I don't want to put people's saliva in my mouth lol

What did you think?

Even if it is difficult to divide, if there is even one of the above,

P active girls with sharp intuition will naturally leave.

I don't hate people

There are things that aren't smiling behind the smile

This is the story that everything is exhausted, and this time it was poor.

By the way, she is said to respond with a "straight face".

Minakami Sumire

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