Eh!In this day and age, is it possible to use the PATOLO app only by registering it?

 Thank you for your help.

My name is Oda, and I am in charge of PATOLO promotion.

last time"investment loveI touched a little on the meaning and background of the word.
This time, I would like to touch on other words used in PATOLO.

On the official website, PATOLO itself and "investment love" are also explained as follows.

”Patro is a matching platform with multiple business operators based on the concept of investment love. We provide a place for male members (supporters) and female members (talents) to meet. It requires an online or face-to-face admission screening by an agent.This mechanism takes the form of a federation of marriage agencies, where large and small dating club operators and matching operators are each within one platform. Beyond the boundaries of the company, it is possible to meet many partners.Be sure to have an interview with an agent at the time of joining, and your level will be secured.

Within the Patro platform, supporters, talents, and agents are in a position to evaluate and be evaluated.We have built a system that respects the other person and introduces a similarly good person to those who can communicate better, and introduces a low-evaluation partner to those who are selfish.Patro incorporates the best aspects of both a dating club and a dad activity app.Interviews and detailed profiles taken are the strengths of dating clubs, and quick exchanges in message chats and smooth payments are strengths of apps, but Patro has both of these strengths, and it will continue to be necessary for high-class matching in the future. We are planning to expand the function. ” More quotation

Here, I would like to introduce the characters that you are using.
There are three people: men who want to match, women who want to match, and people who help with matching.
* If you add the headquarters that provides the app, there will be XNUMX parties,

At PATOLO, we refer to men as "Supporter'
about womentalent'
The existence of intervening and helping to adjust the schedule is "Agent'

In the case of the dating club universe club,
Male members about men,
Female members about women,
It seems that the staff is called a coordinator.

about the coordinator
Some dating clubs call them concierges.
There are also members who simply use the term “staff” or “employee”.

Unlike general matching apps, PATOLO does not complete everything from registration to use on your smartphone.

"Eh! In this day and age, is it possible to use an app only by registering it?"

yes.That's right.Excuse me.
After receiving an interview with a dating club that we are affiliated with,Those who passed the entrance examinationOtherwise, you cannot start using it.

The reason why it takes such a form is to prevent people who do troublesome acts called "cherry blossoms" and "traders" from entering the application area.

Conducting interviews and confirming IDs on the spot, the communication at the time of the interview becomes a certain filter, only those who are purely looking for encounters join, and conduct troublesome acts such as solicitation activities. It is such a mechanism so that such people do not enter.

We will continue to send out information on how to use investment love PATOLO and how it differs from dating clubs and apps.
Thank you in the future.

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