[PATOLO site function] Recruitment date! ?

It's been a long time since I've been posting. I'm Yukina Takeuchi from the PATOLO Division.


In late January, I contracted Corona, and in mid-February, I got the flu, and had a full course of infectious diseases😇.
PATOLO's release was imminent, but I was having a really frustrating period...

I've finally recovered enough to write a blog, so I'm going to push forward with the last spurt.💪


Today we will talk about PATOLO's unique functions"Recruitment date"I was filling up the contents of.
Since it was an unreleased function, I will introduce the flow that has been decided at the moment ♪


Recruitment date flow

1. Men specify the date and time they want to date and post a partner recruitment(via merchant)

2. A woman applies (candidate as a date partner)

3. A man chooses a partner from among the women who apply and confirms the date! ❤


Men's Benefits of Wanted Dating

・ Easy to find a partner even if you want a sudden date such as the day or the next day

・Approach (application) from the female side, so it is easy to match with women who are positive about dating

・ You can expect a different encounter from the method of choosing a woman and making an offer yourself

・ You can smoothly search for a partner on a pinpoint schedule such as a business trip

・ You can test your popularity(Lol)


Of course, women can not only wait for offers, but also check the days that are available in their schedules and approach them on their own, so it is a function that I would like you to use by all means (*´∨`*) )

PATOLO has so many convenient functions that no dating club has ever had, and even I, a staff member, was confused.😅

We will continue to aim for an easy-to-understand site for our members, so please look forward to it✨



PATOLO Division
Yukina Takeuchi

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