[Progress] After logging in, it looks like this ♡




I am always indebted to you♡

Who do you think you really like?And who will love me from the bottom of my heart?
Can I invest in you?I always think about this tetaraku.



I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division.



Today at the meeting, all the staff of the PATOLO business department
I did a server test and test login for the PATOLO browser app 🥺✨





It was my first time to enter this time, but I was surprised!


It's done properly...!


You can really feel the commitment and craftsmanship of the people who came up with the design and the developers 🥺
I can see that you are doing a really good job ✨✨



I never had the chance to see the flow myself with new tools.

There were some parts of me that didn't have a concrete idea of ​​what PATOLO was like.


It's completely different when you actually see it!


It's reality 🥺✨✨


Tension rises!go up!



As an example, at this stage, it looks like this...!
I am a male login page for men








It is based on white and is very simple.
I think there are still areas that need to be improved, but the first thing is that it is in shape


Proper progress is being made, and staff members are sharing their honest opinions with each other.
I'm happy to be able to show you that I'm serious about investment romance (^^)✨



I will also enjoy my business trip to Yokohama (^^)
I hope you have a wonderful Friday today too 🥺
Let's have a nice kp✨

Yuna Seki

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