[Operation greetings] This is the PATOLO division!

As usual, no, I will take care of you from now on.

My name is Yuna Seki, and I'm in charge of PATOLO PR (* ^^ *) 


First of all, if you are visiting this blog, you probably have the following questions.

·picture?what?what started?

・What exactly is PATOLO?

What is the difference between p-katsu and p-katsu?

・What is investment love?

・For the time being, what is the system and fee?

You know, I was like that until a month and a half ago.

There are some parts that I still don't fully understand...

However, I thought that this is all I could say

Pick up a brush (correctly hit the keyboard).

super revolution new target, that means.

no negative for anyone,noonly be a plusAiming to create services

The entire team carefully holds meetings and decides on each item.

Is it my lack of memory that there are parts that I do not understand firmly?


"Is this a win-win for men or women and for all of us?"

"Isn't it a system in which only one side gains (= one side loses)?"


Thorough discussion, picking up the corners of the box with a toothpick (At that time, the team is a little nervous, but the degree of seriousness is conveyed.)

This is because the rules and ways of doing things are adjusted each time.

I'm very surprised that creating a good system involves multiple processes.

When it becomes possible to inform the whole picture of this system

For those of you who are viewing this

I definitely want to

Our representative always says that we want to make something like that.

And the staff who are biologically female like me are the same women as women,

I especially want you to be happy, I want you to grab somethingI think.

even nowadaysFor women to live on their own in this world,

just like men,to be treated with the same public eyeis honestlybecause there is no.

There are gender differences in body structure, sensations, and everything else, so it's a matter of course.

(Please let me write again someday)

This system was also used by women in this era.

"Authoritative" "Decisive" "Others make me happy"That

I believe that it will be something that you will feel for yourself.

Please look forward to it (*^^*)✨

Next time, I will send you who Seki is.

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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