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[Question] I can't earn like a sparkling pj on Twitter, are you earning that much?

Always I am indebted,

The PATOLO Division, the representative who is enthusiastic but can't keep up with his physical strength
It's Yuna Seki,Ladies and gentlemen, do you think you can find a nice opponent this year too?



I decided to make a fresh start this year and increase my extra income, so I tried downloading the dad app.
As a result... Ah, how hard it is to live as a dad with an app...!notice that

Only for women who start the app from now on

・Someone who can secure a certain amount of time on a daily basis
・People who can invest time and effort first, although they do not know if it will surely lead to money

I realized that it is difficult to

Even though they work together, have children, and work from home, they are not good at housework,I'm not good at Kamatate-chan's husband, likes young children
I love children, but I can't say I'm good at raising them

Any more details (whether on the app or in messages),

Can I give it to an uncle whose money is undetermined----! ! !

I'm caught up in such feelings, but if it's a stimulus and my own sustenance (additional income), I wonder if it's worth trying.

I am writhing in a dilemma.

Wait, people on Twitter are amazing...? (@_@)

I sent 10 likes and messages from myself to men,

Appeal, be careful about interactions and words
I think the people who are really making money are the professionals.Including Mind.

I just did 50 shots! 🍽I'm glad I did my best♡

I wonder if the people who are tweeting are Majimon...

In fact, I know that the person inside is me, a former club staff, and the truth is about half and half.

For those who look and act exceptionally wellThe possibility is great ◎
In addition, if you are aiming for link induction, what is the possibility?That's what I said.

if people are actually making money"Anyone can do the same if they work hard"If you were tweeting about the system,
Also, if you show a lot of shoppers and make the best appeal, they will treat your account as a bit suspicious.

Also, I think it's normal for people to want to keep their own tips and negotiation skills to themselves.(Maybe it's just me?)

Do you want to grow that account, or is it really a memorandum (do you just want to appeal?)
I feel that it is important to determine whether you want to draw attention or whether you want to make friends with the same pj 🥺

Women who register for the club look at information on Twitter and various SNS

I thought, "If I were you, I would get an offer right away."There are many cases.

Even if you have a beautiful face and expect to get an offer,Of course, there is also the possibility of not entering..

The app is advantageous in that part because only you know your information,

Some people know how to negotiate well.

If the person posting on SNS claims that they are earning money, we cannot deny it.
I wonder what's real?I think that it is becoming more important than ever to think about it in your own way and to improve your internet literacy.

Some people are making money, but don't take everything they say with a grain of salt
Don't be afraid to compare yourself.

If you don't waver, you should be able to meet someone who is perfect for you.
I hope you have a wonderful day today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow (^^)

PATOLO Division
Yuna Seki

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