[Question] Is it only women who want money to meet by registering with PATOLO?

We become indebted to.
I've been sick for a long time, my body has been strange for a long time, and I finally started drinking Chinese medicine.
My name is Yuna Seki, and I want to rule all of this love market with investment love in the PATOLO business department.



We are aware that only those who are strong and healthy can control the market.

The body is capital, so take proper nutrition, sleep,

Trying to focus on resting my body for tomorrow's work
I'm thinking about holidays, but when it comes to holidays, I'm going to drink and go out, so there's no way I can rest.



In some book, I read the phrase, "desire is popular, but the body is weak."

I feel like I've heard it before.

A person's vessel (physical strength, energy, things that can be done, etc.)
Each person is different, so if I can do my best today,
I'm spending my time with the feeling that I'll praise me (^^) 


But I'll do my best! ! 


Well, what I want to tell you this time is


What kind of people can you meet for the purpose of meeting at PATOLO?


That's what it means ✨ 


In PATOLO, so-called

A woman who wants help,


Instead of supporting allowances

give me something you can invest in me


man asking for


People who aim for easy-to-understand investment love are gathering.


Some of them are very compatible,

As our relationship continued, from the bottom of my heart, without you, I became useless.
There is no so-called investment or anything, I want to go further, let me invest my life in you,

You may even become a partner.



We at PATOLO will not stop such relationships,
It's a wonderful thing to be replaced by such a form of love, and I'm warmed up (^^) 



However, due to the possibility of such relationships
Men are


"Yes, 〇〇-chan also said that she likes me! So even if she doesn't have money (even if it's a little less), she won't let me go."


to think
For women


“Why is that? Even though the way we meet is the way we meet, you have an amazing sense.”


It feels like.


Clearly when a woman seeks a relationship that is not really about money

"You don't have to have it, but I still want to be with youI think. 



Regardless of gender, it is built on mutual investment,

I think that only those who understand that can use it.





・A supporter who uses what he has to give dreams
・Talent that makes you feel worthy of support with something you have


If you can fully demonstrate your own charm in this investment romance that cannot be established without both parties
And in terms of appealing its charm, 


We hope that you will think that there is no better opportunity than PATOLO. 

We will also do our best to operate (^^)!


The release is finally in sight!
Please women who dream the same dreams as us, men who show us their dreams, and companies who work hard together.
Thank you for contacting us and for your support✨

Yuna Seki

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