June 14, 2023

[Question] What happens if you lose contact or block LINE?

Always I am indebted.

The wall of the body is the wall of the heart, if you can't have sex with this person, you can't forgive yourself from the bottom of your heart.

why don't you know that
A happy thought that seems to be connected only by heart (actually money) in a relationship without physical relationship

I want it too

What does PATOLO's investment love investment mean?This is Yuna Seki, who doesn't feel like thinking about it.

I want a pi, I sincerely want to get along with a pi girl, I want a connection,


Even if we had physical relationships many times

A farewell is almost inevitable.



Bereavement, partner finding out, jealousy drives one of them crazy, and so on.

is a living thing
You don't know what will happen because you're a human being with body temperature.




No matter how much you convince yourself that it's a "clear love",

There are definitely attractive opponents and my own timing
Unexpected emotions can also occur.


Also, no matter how gentlemanly a man is, there are times when he is offended.


No matter how good a child you are, no matter how familiar you are, no matter how you look at the other person's heart,

It may not fit or cause trouble for some reason.

Face to face of course"Oh, this child (person) is not there."There must be a lot of people who think so.

One of the questions that often arises at such times is




What happens if you lose contact or block LINE?

That's the point.





First, let's talk about the specifications.



For apps

Even if you block (or are blocked) in LINE or the app after communication, from the corresponding people in the app

You will not be harassed or consulted.

The exchange of contact information and subsequent relationships are also the responsibility of individuals, and it is premised that they take responsibility for their own actions.

However, if you cancel without notice in the form of fraud after trouble

There is also an app that has a button to report the account and displays it to the opposite sex.

Please inquire for details

I have nothing to teach you.

▼For dating clubs

For those who suddenly lost contact after meeting in a letter date or a normal setting

It is basically a personal responsibility.

No interference.

However, since there are interview staff and interview staff as mediators, consultations and sometimes irregular responses are possible.

I think that it is good in the emotional part that there is a high possibility that they will be empathetic and listen to what you have to say.

If there is no problem with both sides, we may be able to confirm and tell you why we cannot contact you.

▼Is it NG to block LINE?


It will be a personal opinion, but I will write my opinion.


When you block LINE, you can do it if you want, it's too wasteful to interact with people you don't think you'll meet!That's my opinion.


However, if you meet someone at a club, it is safe to say "after telling a reason".
This is because the person who still wants to see you, who can't understand why you were blocked, may be too confused and ask the staff...!

I think it's better to send it in order not to lower the impression of your staff, as they may get angry if they suddenly block you.

Sometimes it's okay if we don't see each other anymore, so sometimes we contact you because we want to know what went wrong and why.



・Why did you feel that you didn't fit in?
・My intentions in the future

It may be good for both parties to tell you briefly.


And unlike the app, the club charges a certain amount of setup fee,

Especially women should send
It is recommended because you do not have to get involved in troubles and troubles via the club.



In the case of the app, there is no setting fee when exchanging or meeting,

"It doesn't fit normally" "We won't meet in the future"

If it is a block at the degree, I think that there is no problem at all.


It may have something to do with how I am involved, but I personally like the choice of only keeping people who I feel I need in my life, regardless of gender.


I personally can't recommend blocking because I'm in trouble, it looks like it's going to happen, and it's awkward to cancel. 


If you think that sharing your time and feelings may be a waste of time,

I don't think it's a problem to cut it off.



Time, youth, and resources (chips) are limited 🥺
I would be happy if both men and women can enjoy investment romance to the extent that they can not overdo it.



Patro's Seki Yuna

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