[Question] Are you happy to have all these fucking women who only want money come and take your money?

thank you always.Sometimes I don't choose words,PATOLOThis is seki.I'm writing this blog to tell everyone what investment love is 🥺 I'm already in the dad life industry, so I didn't have any particular questions such as new questions. Even though I don't have anything, I forgot my original intention and intended to be a dad active girlsecond year, ears oldBecause it is, we will ask you questions and real troubles that you may have on the Internet, Twitter and other SNS.Searching.

This time on Twitter"Papa life question"I have excerpted from the ones that have risen to the top.

"I have a question about Papa-katsu daddy, but I wonder if he's happy to have all these fucking women who only want money come and take his money."

*This is just my personal opinion based on my observations of the members as a staff member, and what I actually heard from them.Some people are happy and some are not.yes, real.real realis.and this isWhat men and women wantsomething,

So it depends on whether you are happy or not.

Those who only want a woman's body, and those who want to be completely divisible, I'm not looking for a heart-to-heart connection, or because it doesn't have a lot of weight, I can choose as much as I want Uhohohoho 🥺♡Manyis.That women are drawn to the price they supportknowingly

me tooEnjoy your youth, energy and body

Give give?nogive and take

I am aware that I am.

happy you got the money

I'm happy to be able to invest in a good time too

win-winThat's right.On the other hand, what you wantheart connectionIslover-like relationshipIn the case of , it is not only for menBoth men and women can get sick (feeling unhappy)I will.No matter how much lovey-dovey time you spend

Relationships built on investment (charging)That's what I'm letting you know.even women

“Every time I received money, I began to wonder if it was a relationship that was only connected by money.”

It's sometimes better to say. (Overwhelmingly, I often hear cases where men ask women themselves, thinking, "Am I only seen as money?")

If you have such a painful feeling, you can say that dad life is not a happy thing depending on the person.


・ Those who are immediately absorbed in love
・Dependency constitution
・Those who have signs of being overwhelmed

is basically not suitable for dad activities.It doesn't mean that you shouldn't be in a serious relationship, but in terms of papa activities and investment relationships.

Negative emotions and persistence only get in the way,is what it means. (I want you to be careful when choosing who to invest in. Worrying is also a kind of entertainment, but 🥺 Seki that type 🥺) Whether I am suitable for dad life or whether I will live in the dad life industry So I feel that if you think about what kind of mind you have once again, you may be able to relax a little. Please listen, thank you for reading ✨ PATOLO Division Yuna Seki
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