[Question] How much should I set my allowance?

 Thank you for always taking care of me. It snowed on the weekend and it was beautiful.

If I mutter "Merry Christmas..." to myself

I was embarrassed to be seen by passers-by

I'm Yuna Seki, a love investor from the PATOLO division.

The face that looked at me was firmly drawn.

His eyes were as telling as his mouth, wondering what he was doing all by himself.

Christmas is approaching again this year.

I'm a person who puts more emphasis on New Year's Eve than Christmas.

Every year on New Year's Eve, there's nothing emo

I regret that I should have done something a little more emo when I was younger.

myself in my prime (what is my prime?)

If I was able to think about whether I should live as a dad even a little

I wonder if my life would have been a little more profound... or not.

ToDayIf I was a dadon the premise of

How do you set your allowance?

I will try to write with that in mind✨

It does not mean the market price or recommendation

Please read it as one of the ways of thinking.

Things to think about when I set up my allowance

・The other party's face

・Is it comfortable to be with the other person?

・Look at the degree of gentlemanship and appearance of the other party

First of all, even in ordinary love affairs, I find it difficult to form a deep relationship unless I like it.

Born under a sad star.

No matter how much I'm drunk to death

"Don't you get sick of being disgusted with this guy later on? Don't you feel like it's a black history?"

Because I think with a head that is not enough

Somehow prevent us from being alonerun awaytype.


in the first place myselfAdults are OK only for people who think that they are not attracted.

And if you think you are good

It's generally comfortable to be togetherLeave the amount to the other partydo it,

I agree if it's not 1 or 2I think.

(depending on time)

As long as you love yourself, it's okay,

It may be because I'm not in trouble with my life, but I think I'll leave it to the other person.

if i tryIf you can't do it with someone who doesn't like it,

AndI don't like the face, maybe it's barely okay, if

If there is a sense of cleanliness and there are no dirty spots (appearance, male superiority, etc.)

The other partyIt is OK if you present 5 or more.

I'm around XNUMX... too expensive... there may be people who think there's no demand,

my worthThis is the estimated amountnot

When you have a deep relationship with someone who is neither your favorite person nor your lover,

[5] is the amount of patience and the amount you can do your best.

Become an adult with this person, with the amount presented

"I'm glad I did!"whether you think


"I feel like that, and I've worked so hard to get this far."

If you can expect to think that

There may be.

In men's bosoms,

I hope from the bottom of my heart that I can get acquainted with you at an amount that is reasonable for my mental part.

And life continues even after you stop being a woman's daddy.

A reluctant attitude is also transmitted to men.

There are also feelings of men that remain as memories.

To avoid bad memories for both parties and to avoid hurting each other's self-esteem

I want you to make decisions that protect your heart and the feelings of others.

That's it for this question

How should I set my allowance?

It was a personal answer corner for

The cold days continue, but I hope you don't catch a cold 😢

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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