June 07, 2023

[Question] Are Minato-ku girls and Papa Katsu girls different?



Recently, it seems that aging is progressing, and if you drink overnight, you can not drink at all the next day

I have to make a day where I have to do nothing all day.
The PATOLO Division, which can't put out the tension of the heart,

What is Investment Love?I am Yuna Seki, a solitary evangelist who wants to convey to everyone every day.

I would be happy if you could remember my name soon.




The other day, I went on a business trip and visited the Yokohama office of Universe Group✨


I usually visit Kansai, where I get along well.

(It's not that the Kanto region doesn't suit me, but I like bright and lively spaces.)


I really felt like I was in Kanto
This time, Mr. Takei who is beautiful and kind and likes birds, Mr. Kawashima who is cute and energetic,

Mr. Hara, who holds an ancient darkness and seals the past, and Mr. Takahashi, who is the representative of the earth.
Will you accept me as I am?To Yokohama!




It was really fun.


I felt that it was great that the branches were so close, and that it was so much fun to have so many people involved.
I would like to write this article about what I suddenly wondered when I was in Kanto and went to Tokyo. 



What is the difference between Minato-ku girls and Papa Katsu girls?




First and foremost,

"Minato Ward Girls" is not a woman who lives in Minato Ward, but a woman who plays flashy.As.


Regardless of whether "papa live girls (= pj)" are in Minato Ward or not

It is a woman who is active for the purpose of income and not for fun.




▼Difference in features



"Minato-ku girls" have a certain similarity in appearance,

Anyway, there are so many beautiful women that make you think that just eating together will increase the value (^^)

 The impression of a woman who is suitable for drinking.


Being pampered by men, being treated specially, being tribute, being seen by others
It is easy to take pleasure in being treated with envy.



As a typical example, on SNS"I'm enjoying a wonderfully sparkling life."I will upload my life on SNS. 


I tend to write about the high-end food I ate that day, the night view, and the self-deprecating bragging rights in my Instagram stories✨



It's pretty good looking, so it's useful for men.
They are proud and want to have friends who look the same as them (but they get grumpy if they're too popular).


To be honest, I don't think there are many women who secretly admire Minato-ku girls, just like me!

Beautiful & gorgeous!



On the other hand, "Papa Katsu Joshi"
There is a wide range, such as lineage, appearance atmosphere, beauty or naive type, etc..



There are women who wear Minato-ku style clothes and atmosphere,

Of course, there are women who are very neat or simple and do not have a sense of luxury.


There may be some people who aim to "show off" and "appeal",

Few people have that as their ultimate goal




・For life
・For tuition
・Due to unavoidable circumstances
・For beauty


And in order to invest in myself and my life, my time, appearance,

Or I feel like I'm converting something else into a treatment

I have the impression that she rarely makes outright appeals or boasts.



"Basically" I hide the fact that I'm a daddy from the official.


"I want to eat high-class sushi"
"I was taken to a membership-only Italian restaurant."

Compared to Minato Ward girls who tend to be status



It is pj who says, "I don't need to book such an expensive place, so I want you to add that amount to the allowance."




Of course, there is nothing better than being good looking,



Minato Ward Girls
If you look good, everything will be forgiven,If you take it with you, it will become the strongest accessory.
Beauty is the strongest, youth is a prerequisite

In addition to appearance, care and kindness, more than that, morality and charm come into play
In some cases, even women who are not young can continue long-term relationships with men with whom they are deeply connected (easily).



At least it seems so to me.




And I have friends in both Minato-ku Joshi and PJ,

For a simple woman like me who doesn't think about anything
(Of course, it may be very difficult for some people.) So,

Rather than being friends, if you praise them for being pretty to some extent

Minato Ward girls are easy to understand because they are in a good mood. (good way)



Neither is good or bad, of course there are pros and cons, so it's easier to get along with a bright woman,

On the other hand, some people may prefer Minato-ku girls.




It is a premise that money is capital and money moves.
I feel that there is also a difference between whether it is influenced by values ​​or whether it is used as a means to an end.


Do you understand now...?


In other words, what I want to say is...!
It means that the use of men's money will change ✨


・Satisfy a glittering, high-class woman with a status game?
Invest directly in women's lives, with or without glitter

Which do you prefer?

Yuna Seki

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