[Question] Can I continue to be shiny even if I have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

 It has been a while,

I have a lot of paid leave, so I didn't use it systematically and ended up using it tightly on the last day.

Even events and daily reports that work while talking with staff

I was ignoring

trulyTHE・stupid pronounThis is Noseki Yuna...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's getting pretty cold, but how are you doing?

My husband works from home three times a week, and I watch TV during breaks."Wahahaha"and laughing

To my husband who was participating in a web conference

"I'm sorry, colleague

"I made a terrible laugh, but are you okay?"

I was askedTurn the volume down a little..."

I was told.

I feel very embarrassed, now.

I was sometimes consulted today

What would you do if you got a boyfriend or girlfriend? 



I would like to take up the point.

Compared to so-called young women, many men are old and pikatsu, so of course

Not only single people.

Some people have mistresses, some have girlfriends, others are different.

(I don't dare to confirm it from here, but most of them tell me about the flow of the story.)

Rather, women

“I have a boyfriend, is it okay if I register?”

“I got a boyfriend, but would it be a problem if I continued with my activities?”

I have a question and worries.

To put it bluntly,

If you can hide it, you'll be fine!

Dating clubs and PATOLO refuse to join or register depending on whether or not you have a lover.

Please be assured that there is no such thing ✨


At this point, I might feel guilty about my boyfriend, what should I do if he finds out?

It's better not to be afraid and afraid than necessary!

The boyfriend found out

If we have to break up...

I can't imagine leaving

A partner to the extent that you think you can't live

If so, it's better not to do it.

And becauseprivacy comes firstBecause I think

I personally prefer Pikatsu for lifeI don't want it to become the foundation itselfI'm thinking

Income source of +α to enhance private life,

We recommend that you leave it in a position of


Because I'm exhausted both physically and mentally...!

Messages (exchanges), preparations, actual dates, the burden on the body when it develops into an adult,

In the first place, the risks caused by continuing to live as a dad, etc.

Both men and womenContinuing Pikatsu itself requires endurance.

To there"Risk that someone may find out"To

"Risk of losing loved ones and loved ones"a little more

It even has the potential to be despised by those you love.

Taking into consideration such

Women who can see such risks as a pillar of divisive income,

A man who understands that money is chewed

I just feel like it's not for me. 


I can tell my boyfriend that I am doing thisOr

(There are also fierce people who think that this is impossible) or

Do whatever you want (no matter how you phrase it)

You can claim that you are not flashing (leave no evidence)

I think it is necessary to have the skills and determination to be a kind of professional.

I think.

Just as love can be clumsy,

Daddy life that costs money is particularly suitable for some people.

Even more so if you have a lover, lover, or partner.

What you really don't want to let go of, what you love, what's important,

Compare things that you might let go of by doing dad activities,

Still, "I'm going to grow up with PikatsuUUU"

A woman who says, "I'll increase my income."I love it!

I have a wife!she has her too!I have a mistress, a busy friend, and a friend!and

I still want to be involved with PJ I have a lot of money!

such a man,Welcome! !!

Pikatsu Challenge from men and women who want to enrich their lives,

Please let me support you ✨

In that case, please consider registering for PATOLO (*^^*)

PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

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