[Question] What are the benefits of actually joining PATOLO?

Thank you for always taking care of me.

Does this match?Is it easy to see?can you understandAre you okay?I ask myself every day
PATOLO DivisionThis is seki! ! ! !


I blog twice a week!


There are days when I can't write, but today I have to write.
Because it's Friday...


(Tuesday) and (Friday) are the days I'm in charge of...!

So, I hope we can share our struggles today as well.


As for PATOLO,

I'm in the bug checking stage right now.Pre-release is really coming soon...!I came to the stage of!

finally!Really building HP, designer's sense, work
It's made possible by the efforts, talent, fidelity, and precision of so many people...!

Even if the service we are about to announce does not yet have an actual track record,

What makes us different from other businesses?
How is it different from other companies

I can only describe what I want to do with this investment love market.

I hope that I will be able to appeal to all of my good points while I am still here!


First of all, what kind of person is it suitable for in common?


◎I'm really motivated
Those who do not have much time to go to interviews and interviews!

◎Those who are stressed about interacting with the app!

◎ Those who want to meet more people!



The above is suitable for such people regardless of gender.
Why? ? ?


If you register with one member store participating in PATOLO,

It is possible to browse (have) the opposite sex of all participating merchantsWhat is it?

Inquiring again and again, listening to the system, inquiring,

Go to an interview (interview)...

First of all, the flowcomplete in one goThat means

For example, this club's rule is no good, but this club's rule is no good...
If you don't have to memorize the system and each rule individually,

There is no need to repeat the offer by paying the admission fee each time.

Good morning...?


More than just time and effort

It means that the necessary cost until meeting can be suppressed.



The work of an interview can be done in one go, butYour chances of meeting someone are multiplied.


What kind of bug is this that the amount of money is lowered and the number of women who can make offers increases several times?



All you have to do is register with one merchant.

We want to eliminate the time and hassle of our members and increase the probability of meeting.


The thoughts of such a staff are included.



Too epic...


I would be happy if I could meet a boy like Tinder on the OMIAI app. 

The more people there are, the more encounters there will be,

If you meet more people, you will definitely find the opposite sex you like,
Even if the activity in the app did not go well before,

By changing to a medium with exquisitely different specifications

You should be able to reset and try to change from 1 to a better direction.

We should still be able to grow as people and as opposite sex.
Let's start from 1 again with patolo, why don't you start?

Yuna Seki

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