[Question] Is it possible to have a casual shopping relationship without an adult relationship?

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I will take up frequently asked questions on Twitter and the dating club that I was originally working on.

▼Is it possible to have a relationship as a casual girl without an adult relationship?

Huh~~~~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! ✨

Let me start with the conclusion,can!

However,only the chosen ones!

At the dating club where I worked, when there was a question like the above

In this way, as a staff, I have told you as follows.

"I agree…!

As a relationship type (stance) chosen by women who cannot think about adult relationships,

We recommend choosing A.

This is

No matter how many dates you go on dates, you can't become an adult with anyone,

This is the type that you choose.

Most of the men

Because you are looking for a deeper relationship that goes beyond just meals

While many women are registered,

You can earn money only with meals and tea!I have an offer!

to promiseI can't 😢

If it's just for dinner, you can invite a girl at a bar or a female classmate...!

However, on rare occasions, there are people who say that the meal alone is fine,

a woman is famous to some extent

If you are a woman who likes Donpisha for that man,

I really want to see youKaratoThere is a good chance that you will get an offer. ”

And what about actually?

Even for dating type A,

For inquiries and offersThere is actually!

It's just a feeling

Kyushu and the Chugoku region have few.

Kinki, Chubu and Kansai areasFewer than women based on adult relationshipsbut

I'm no longer surprised when I get an offer normally.

many denominatorsKanto regionTo become and

Also for A type (no adult relationship)is in normalImpression.

However, when it comes to dating without an adult relationship, the type is really close.

If anything,Cute type, really small and angellike

Those who look pure and innocent are easy to apply for,

(Good example ↓)

On the contrary, itFor those who are cool or cool

There are few applications, probably because it is contrary to the image of men without adult datingImpression.

It seems that men have a personal impression of appearance,

I can't say that women with light brown hair or blond hair who are not in an adult relationship are popular.

(This is just my personal opinion)

Neat system with straight black hair and short stature, little love experience (sexual),

I had the impression that there were many applications from people with a momentary atmosphere.

However, this is a story limited to the dating club!

▼ About the demand for pj without adult relations in the app

Recently, it seems that there are many Pikatsu encounters on the app,

I hear here and there that they are actually dating just for meals.

Some say that they only go to the first face-to-face meeting

It seems that some people are using wisdom to target only new people.

By underestimating the amount of money for adults after the second time,

Even if the initial allowance is set a little higher

In anticipation that many people will pay if the amount for adults is low.

It's set... wow!I was also surprised.

As a staff, what a palliative hand...!I also think,

Similarly, in the sense that adult relationships are impossible, I belong to the same biological category,

As an individual, how clever Noda...!I admire it.

Depending on the app, it is assumed that you do not have an adult relationship,

There seems to be something like a rental girlfriend.

just depends on the app

It is necessary to show your face, and if there is a discrepancy between the photo and the real thing, you may be asked to withdraw from the membership.

Is there really anything that can be given to men without a physical relationship?

In the past (when I was a staff member), I used to be very strict about

Every day I think that if I can perfectly show the dream of "I might be able to get along with this girl", then maybe I'm an ant.

In fact, my sister is the only one who has had a physical relationship with her husband.

There are transfers p, presents p, and dates p that are not related to adults.

This is a so-called love affair, and it's a relationship of "dating"

All night shift cabaret clubsIt's a meeting in.

Occasionally, souvenirs are sent from p-san's business trip

"Yo! Neechan! It's a haze because Takeshi sent me a drink!"

I am indebted to my sister.

Thank you very much for your kindness to the Pikatsu girls who are the main focus of Chahan.

Happy PATOLO division today

Yuna Seki

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