[Question] Is it normal for the allowance to be 0 for the first meeting?

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After arguing a bit with my best friend, I decided to give him a birthday present that was double the usual amount.

I'm Yuna Seki, an investment lover from the PATOLO division.

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I wear cosmetics every year, but this year I chose a necklace.

Like a boyfriend who thinks of a tribute to get forgiveness for cheatingIt's a feeling,

Men are also taking care of various things, aren't they?

Women who do not want to let go so far,

I think they are all really nice people.

If so, cherish it as usual!I also think

But I feel like a man who cares about girls doesn't see charm from his body.

(Just because I like bad guys?)

Or rather, it seems that there is a cheating gene,

Does it make sense to try to resist?I think

I don't know what you're saying today, normal driving Arigatou Gozaimasu! !

(Toro salmon Kubota style)

Now calm down...

This time, I would like to take up a question that is not even talked about in the dating club.

(Someone asked on Twitter)

Is it normal for the first meeting to be 0 allowance? 

Several people commented on this tweet, none of them

"It's not normal, most of the people receive at least ~!"

He replied!

I agree.

Not normal!

No, it's not normal to think about it normally! ?


"I have decided to give you an allowance from the time you become an adult."And

"I'll give it to you at the end of the month when we can meet properly"

"If you think it's okay to meet me, I'll give you the amount of money for the face-to-face meeting."

I hear there is a man who says

But think about it.

Pikatsu is also a rule of the dating club where I worked.

I think it's more of a male image like the one below.

Limited to "gentlemanly men who are financially and mentally comfortable"

I think it's a thing.


"Thank you for making time for yourself today.

Even if you want to see me next time, even if you don't, it's my feelings."

If it's not a man who says, "Hey, I'll give it to you."

I don't want to see PJ, and I'm not stingy with Pikatsu itself. (Personal opinion only)

Because it is an app, men can also take the method,

even a girlI'm not looking for a romantic encounterhmm,

Even girls want money,

Trying to be cute to meet men,

I buy new clothes, go to beauty salons, change my nails, and even take care of my skin.It is

So-called investment is being done by women at this stage.

Spending young girls' time, spending money, and if the other party is good, sometimes even the body

Invest your mind.

(I don't think it's just for dad activities...)


"It's easy to eat and drink for free, it's a good social status."

"I have no plans to hand over the face allowance."

It's not the entertainment that men do that comes out with the word.

the man who says that

There is no economic or mental leeway, and a sense of inferiority that does not understand women is deeply embedded in them.

A man looking for a sexually exploitable woman who is convenient for him,

I think it is.

Conclusion: not normal

I wrote a little too much about myself 💦 sorry 💦


"It's natural to get it, you can get it out quickly."

I think women who think that it is oozing out

Receiving money itself is a blessing, so it is essential to have a heartfelt feeling of gratitude.

I personally think so.

From the point of view of those who are not picky,

It's a way of condensing the unusual that is not understood in the first place.

That's why thatexist in an insane world

Men and women who have "sincerity" and "common sense" are usefulYou.

While snuggling up to the other person, various things were useless, I wonder what I'm doing...

I want you to act so that you do not think

I hope so, it was the weekend seki.

Have a nice weekend ♡

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