[Question] Can I be seen as a woman in PATOLO regardless of my age?

In the middle of January from the beginning of the year, time passed so quickly that Urashima Taro opened the treasure chest and became old in an instant.

I didn't realize that I was getting old in an instant, not a hoax or an illusion.

what are you thinkingYuna Seki from the PATOLO Division.

it's really cold

My heart is especially cold.

Although I want to get close to someone,

Nobody is here
This reality becomes even colder and it sinks into my bones.

Even though I'm around XNUMX (I don't dare say how old I am),

It is verydifficultEven though it's a story

Midsar, Arafo, Arafihu,when it comes to

Where will my demand come from?I am attacked by vague anxiety.

As a person who has experienced marriage, only my husbandmay have once acceptedbut,

Marriage is the head of investment romance

Even if today is fine, I don't know if my husband will like me tomorrow.
Is it because you haven't built a relationship of trust?

No, trust is not something that can be visually verified

source @ me

I think.

If I could offer something that wasn't love
I can't give you a young body unless I'm XNUMX

As long as you're a woman, you'll have to live with these feelings for the rest of your life...women...the second half is too hard...

Make me realize that I'm still a woman even if I turn the corner of my skin...just like you do to Hatachi
Please let me know...

Don't you feel...?

Day after day, I feel pain every day,

I feel like I'm getting older every minute...

But you know! !

Men you meet in dating clubs and dad live apps
If you are a person who treats women properly


You can see that in the feedback function of the dating club.

“It made me feel like I regained my confidence as a woman.”
"I've never been treated like this by my husband or partner."
"I feel like I remembered how I felt when I was young."

Source @ our feedback


we are women who deserve to be cherished

There is no doubt that the possibility of having an experience that you can feel will increase.

Unless you are the main character of Tokyo Revengers, you cannot travel back in time when you were young.
But if you can feel like a good woman like when you were young, I think it's worth the experience.

If this

Unchanging and mediocre motherhood, getting rid of the usual role of office role
Enjoy completely different characters
If you can do that, wouldn't it be a little fun...?

Enjoy such next-generation love and investment love together

Even though she used to be a good girl
A woman who is still forgetting that she is a good woman

A man who wants to regain confidence in such a woman

We are working hard on production and sales to become a service that such people want! !

Please wait ~ 😍!! ️

Yuna Seki

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