[Question] Why was downtown Hama-chan leaked about p-katsu affair?

Thank you for your help.

In the end, I became worried about whether the results of my verification really matched the verification and whether there were any omissions.

I'm Yuna Seki, the unreliable female representative of the PATOLO Division, who has become dependent on my boss and the people around me.



Recently, Mr. Downtown Hamada was exposed to women as Papa Katsu Danshi♡.
Here are the details of what was said.



"Before we met, I looked up Hamada-san and he said he likes French crullers, so I bought one at Mister Donuts and took it with me.

Then, Mr. Hamada cried, ``This is the first time I've had you do something like this.''

Be careful and say, 'Should I turn off my cell phone? I cried even more when I asked.

Even though he's so famous, he's such a lonely person... He also said, 'I want you to call me Ma-kun.'"

"We didn't make any promises, but every time we got paid for things like taxi fare...

When we met for the second time, he said, ``I'm going to do it because it feels good to win a card game with my juniors.

We met about four times and received about 30 yen in total.”

"If I had a red wallet, I would say, 'Red doesn't burn money. I'd rather get a wallet from someone who has more money than me. They bought it for me.

Other than that, I was told, ``If you mark what you want in a magazine, I'll buy it for you.''

At the time, I had just come out of the countryside and wasn't very sophisticated, but Mr. Hamada said, 'I like to make sweet potato-like women my own taste.'"

can i tell you what i think?

Isn't it great? ? ? ? ? ?

On the other hand, the content of the game was also described, but...

Is it because I'm M?

It's totally okay!

So"If you mark what you want in a magazine, I'll buy it for you."

If you say that, it's totally cool 👍

Why did this person want to leak now?

If the play content becomes exhausting and you cut yourself,

I guess I was able to say goodbye without any problems after that,
Even if you take into account the content in the first place, if you were aware of it and met

Since you are being treated that way, including hush money, you have to understand that to some extent and stick to the secret.

Hama-chan, don't you feel sorry for me?

People on the dad life side think,

It should be blamed for a person in position to do such a thing with a young child.

I think there is definitely a trend.




Infidelity is the lowest,

Celebrities are letting money do the talking,

industry darkness


Although there may be other ways to say it


That kind of thing is not limited to Hama-chan,

No matter where you are in the neighborhood, especially in the entertainment industry, where a huge amount of money is being spent, there are probably many... 




Because I am a person with a position, instead of thinking that it is a win-win in a kind of ordinary love

I'm properly drawing the line and handing over the allowance...


Isn't it much better than a lovey-dovey affair like sending a kiss face?




"I can't take responsibility for my life, but I will support what I can do right now."



And the words that a male member of a member store who will be enrolled in PATOLO would say
I could tell that they had a similar feeling, and I have nothing but good impressions.


So what am I thinking now...


Who would be happy with that?I personally think, but the reason why it was leaked is...



I think that women may have been jealous of Hamachama.



around me too

I have a partner and he has a lover
It should be understood by each other,
I don't want you to talk about the opposite sex when we're together
The secret to getting along well



It seems that the majority of people are in the group of


When I see him happily talking about his wife, I can see how he compares to his current environment and condition.
"Why does he seem to be the only one who is happy?"It may have become a thought.


There are many things that only that person knows.
But for a certain period of time

like or

get involved,

Actions that are motivated by the consciousness of leaking or demeaning someone who had a relationship with someone other than a criminal act
In the end, I think there is no doubt that the person who leaked it will end up hurting himself as well.


I was made to think that I should be careful about my words and actions for my own mind and body, and think about it carefully.


I hope everyone can take a break in Hanakin this week too♡

Yuna Seki

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