[Question] How should I tell you how to refuse a relationship?

Even if you can get someone you like, you can't get them to like you,

More to the point, I can't be seen sexually by someone I love.

How can you talk about investment love!?

I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division, and I'm asking myself once again.

I wonder what it would be like to work with men and women in spite of their work.

I am disappointed in myself.

Speaking of disappointment, I often go to shared seats.

Your partnerUgly delicacy 0 It's super disappointing when it's garbage mendo it

change buttonRepeated hitsI will.

Pochi, there is no place,Dada Dada Dada DadaI will end.

I can't say about the two men and women in the dad life that is said to be a meeting.

"You're wrong~~~!!!"and in my heart

Are you crying?

HonestyI want to break up quickly,I want to open,want to leave,want to escapeHowever

But my partner likes it...!

Very hard to do...!

It pains me to spend more time with the opposite sex that I will never see again...

What do you do when that happens?


"I want to refuse a relationship, but how should I refuse?"

It's a difficult question!

If you raise a corner, it might hurtThen,

there may be complaints(If you met through clubs or introductions, etc.)


If you don't refuse it so that it can be conveyed to the other party properly, you will have expectations and a storm of contacts.

As a model answer as a staff

"I sincerely refuse with a reason".

If you tell me with a sincere feeling, men (and women will be convinced) will understand,

If you face each other with a sincere attitude, there's no one you can't understand...! ✨

And if you say...!If I say it from the bottom of my heart...!


and by saying

I actually asked a member how to refuse

Here's an example of what I think is good.

○ If you think it is difficult in terms of money

→ both men and women

Present the amount that you think you can do one chance at this amount

(If it's difficult, they will withdraw, and if it's OK, you're lucky)

○ If you think the other person is physiologically difficult

male:I handed over the transportation expenses early and left for some reason.

(The woman thinks she's lucky because she got ▲ yen for ○ hours.)

Just one example.

I think it's well thought out.

If the amount does not match, you can change it,give the other person the choice

InduceI was surprised when I first heard that the shape was amazing.

Also, if you are registered with the club

If you had reported to the staff in advance and understood the whole picture of what happened

Even if we receive a reportavoid misunderstandingsMaybe.

I can't think of development yet, I think I can dodge it

For dating clubs,

If you try to pull it too much with just a meal, your intentions will be transparent.

Moreover, I felt sad, doubtful, and frustrated that I could not develop

If multiple men continuously report their impressions to the staff,

the staffCould this child be...?Sometimes I have doubts.

Even if you think you're doing well, there are times when you're not doing it well, so it's complicated.

daysLearning, challenging, and repeating trial and errorI think it 's.

If you do this way of refusal, you may not feel uncomfortable,

If you have the phrase

It doesn't matter how you were actually refused (*^^*)

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