[Question] Daddy active girl.How long can she stay active?

Always I am indebted.

This is Seki, exhausted after returning from a business trip to Tokyo.

to a friend"I went to die"It is said that
I am inspired by the fact that the real spirit has gone back and forth.
I had so much fun that my throat went dry.

I went to see the show as part of my work,
Olympic~!I say too much and my throat dries up.

On the plane, I got otitis media and fainted alone.
ear pain drives me crazy,
It was my first experience.

It was a lot of fun.Thank you for your experience.The theme of this time.I also borrowed a question from Twitter. Papa Katsu Joshi The question is how old you can stay active.

by the person
It can be asserted that there is absolute demand for people in their 20s
It can be asserted that there is relative demand in the 30s

People in the older age group
To be frank, it depends on the person.

It is said that people over the age of 45 are insanely active and are working as dads
When I hear the story, I think "Wow 🥺 amazing".

Younger people are much more likely to be supported
It's easy to catch the eye, and it's worth it just for being young.

"Things I Don't Have" for Fathers-to-be
After all, having a is stronger.

Youth, freshness, carefree smile, fragility,
Firm skin, fearless sense of aging
I am attracted to a charm that mature adults do not have.

There is still a lot of demand from men in their 30s.
However, as women reach their 30s, individual differences will appear.
Women who can earn more money from dad activities will be narrowed down more than when they were in their 20s.

Both rabbits and horns take good care of their skin
Let's make people think that age is just a number (*´∇`*)

picture?How is yourseki?
Such questions are unrefined.I don't even look at it.

It's getting harder and harder to face reality.Gavin! !


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