[Question] Is being a dad a bad thing?

Always I am indebted,

This is your conscience, Yuna Seki.

It gets colder and warmer during the day

I think it's around this time that the feeling of "What should I do with my clothes?" continues.

How are you doing? (*^^*)💦

ToDayIs being a dad a bad thing?, which is themed around

Serious, simple, beautiful heart, pure men and women think once,

yes, this"conscience"I would like to write about the question to myself.

At the time of interviews and interviews, both men and women at the time

“Is it okay to live as a dad…?💦”That's what I was asked.

Although there are some differences in the content of various worries depending on the person

To be honest, even men and women who have been using the dating club for a long time will cross once,

I think it's an unavoidable path that I've thought about once.

investment loveThis service that we are proposing in the form of

It is an “investment” and a relationship between people, so it does not guarantee “safety and stability”.

There are always risks involved.

Sometimes it can be psychologically damaging. 


As the famous Leonardo da Vinci said:If you choose pleasure, know that behind pleasure comes something that brings trouble and remorse.

ButThere are also quite a few returns.

At the dating club where I used to work, a certain woman was allowed to match

"I was able to earn money by getting a job that doesn't use my body for the first time in my life, guided by someone I had a connection with."

"I was able to change my life"

"I can't change it even if I thank you club. Thank you...!"

I once said with tears in my eyes.

“Is dad life a bad thing?”

To this answer,To be honest, there is no right answer.

As a mother, I wish my daughter was trying to

Once I stop saying "Why don't you think about it a little more?"


If you say that an uncle has appeared who will give you a lot of money just for meals"Don't just listen to superficial words and take them for granted."“There are a lot of people in this world who seem like good people but are thinking bad things.”


But I also want to say this.

"But there are some people who look good and are really good."When.

This is my personal opinion as a person.

A man I met while working at the club,

We met privately,

full of ulterior motives but generous

I want to give and give to anyone (regardless of homosexuality)A man calledactuallyis.

Of course, there are those who have no ulterior motives at all.

And there are many women who are saved by such men.

that there are such wonderful people and possibilities知ら ない まま

I don't want my youth and feminine beauty to dry up.

Self-responsibility is a word that weighs heavily on everyone.

But while you are free, believe in your own potential,

Use your money and beauty to create happiness and

I would like you to experience the supreme pleasure of a moment that exceeds the regret of a lifetime.

But after all, men, especially women,I don't want you to regret it.

SoI want you to find out,

I wondered if what would really serve as food for meI want you to see it with your own eyes.


and the meddlesome who has no demand,

It was a corner that answered your worries because I want everyone to be happy.

See you next time ♡ Your PATOLO ♡

Yuna Seki

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