[Question] Is there a case where you are forced to register at an interview for Papa Katsu? ?

Hello 🥺✨ When I was choosing clothes at a clothing store, I quickly sensed that the clerk was approaching me and tried to talk to me. have special abilities

PATOLO Division, Investment LoverThis is Yuna Seki. 

i was transparentI'm not good at appealing "Buy! Buy!"is.I think anyone

"What should this go with?"When I am unsure about what to do, when I don't have to ask for help, I feel like a help from the staff.I am very grateful.I am keenly aware that the timing, the way you speak, and the first word you speak are very important.So, this time, it is a blog content for men and women who are hesitant about registering.Have you ever been forced to register or become a member?I think there are some people who have questions and worries.As a background, there are the following fear points.

"I would like to register if I can meet a man who can support me, but

It's too scary to go alone for the first time."

"There is a possibility that only information will be seized and threatened later ..."

“For the time being, I would like to hear just the story, but I am worried that they will force me to register on the spot.”

"Just like customs, training like that and this and that..."

"Don't you ever see scary big brother (Neechan)?"

…I also thought while writing.

Certainly Koeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! !

Well, if you live a normal life, dad life is something that happens in the familiar world, but when you actually step into it, you get a little nervous.Ask such questions as much as possiblei want to get rid of it onlineI think, I will write Seki Ichibitsu with all my heart! (Whoa!) ``Isn't there anything that forces you to register or become a member?'' →do not have!is!

However,Only for PATOLO member stores!

At the dating club where I worked, I would say it was safe.

Honesty and honesty come firstBecause I was taught that

・Forcing registration

・Forcing someone to do what they say they don't want

・It seems difficult to register while having a lot of worries

・ Suspicious of us intermediaries

The above was NG, and even when you are at a loss

Put it on hold and reconsiderThere was also a thing.Give me the answer right away

Regrets and cancellation on the day after the date is decidedand so on

I wanted to avoid causing trouble to my date partnerfrom.Even now, we, the PATOLO business department, have inherited it, so it will be a content that we will fully share with those who register as a member store.Don't worry (*^^*) Of course men are the same.So-calledThere are no people called "Ketsumochi"And our staff is just a company employee who grew up in a general family. I am an office worker, a salesperson who provides services, and a PR department.I think that it is impossible for a general company to be treated in exactly the same way, but at leastThe staff are people who sympathize with such a sense of "normality"is.Please feel free to contact us. *However, this is limited to our company* We do not mean that we will share the safety and methods of other clubs, so we recommend that you choose your club carefully.Each club seems to have various strengths, and of course I think there is a club that suits me. , See it with your own eyes, feel it with your own skin, and sometimes decide whether or not to step into Papa Katsu with your intuition (*^^*)✨ That's all for Seki's worries corner this time✨ PATOLO Division Seki Yuna

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