[Question] Which member store should I choose?

I'm always indebted to you, I've been writing too many sentences lately
I don't know if you know where you wrote what...



I continue to train my brain every day so that I don't get lost, Shinsengumi... I made a mistake PATOLO Division
"Investment Love"I'm Yuna Seki, and I want to let the world know how good it is.



It's finally the last day of January!


Just when I thought the new year had just started, it ended in the blink of an eye,

I remember being impressed by pj's ability and flexible movements, who have been struggling to meet each other since the beginning of the year. 


His activeness and lightness of footwork are extraordinary, or rather, his youthfulness.


No, really amazing people are amazing even in the Alasar and older generations!

As long as my time permits, I put in several face-to-face meetings with full movement,

I struggled with all the effort I could have and p and pj are really amazing...

(In ♣, there was a man who met several times a day,

He was a person who was very good at his job.
I seriously think that management or secretarial work is really suitable for me.)

Today is about "How to choose a member store" ✨






I usually feel that only beauty salons and dentists are very difficult, so I searched the internet and word of mouth quite carefully.
Contemplation after contemplation"I'm fine here"I chose it with the conviction that

The success rate is so high that
Choosing a beauty salon or dentist and choosing a member store (♣) are completely different things💢

I do not understand the feeling that
I would be happy if you could refer to my overwhelming search power and experience with ♣!

Let's basically make full use of the power of the internet and SNS ✨

(Of course, it would be a relief if someone you know could introduce you 🥺)


①Check the period after opening ♣


→ Let's check how many years it's been since we opened.

Older doesn't mean better

The more experience you have in this industry, the more secure you will be in terms of information and trust.




However, there are of course merits for Mr. ♣, who has just opened.


After all, Mr. ♣, who has just opened,

Strong desire to attract membersFor,


Thank you very much for coming to register. 

In addition, we often add our own campaigns and benefits,


If you have a small number of people, you are more likely to build a close, at-home relationship in a good way.
= Increases the possibility of introducing good members,You can also say ✨



② View reviews

→ First of all, it depends greatly on whether the system allows you to post reviews, but if you can see reviews,


・Are there too many cases (contrary to the number of years)?
・Are there not only good reviews but also bad reviews?
・What kind of reaction and attitude do ♣ staff face to bad reviews?

Let's check the 🌸


Mr. ♣, who writes not only good things but also bad improvements as they are,

From the point of view of readiness, enthusiasm, and objectivity
I think it's fair to say that we are a member store that aims to be a highly transparent ♣.



Usually, such industries often try to hide or obfuscate their bad points. 


It is very pleasant to see the attitude of the staff saying, "Thank you for understanding properly and pointing out points for improvement." 


③Is your intuition warning you to stop?



You may think that this is unreliable, but...!
Haven't you heard of it? 


Intuition is the accumulation of experience.

I really want pj to take care of this.
Something's wrong, I don't know what it is, but somehow with myself

The way this ♣ should be, the way of thinking, and the specifications don't match, and another part of me is telling me to stop...
At times like that, it's better to stop there.



I felt it during my life based on my own experience"Discomfort"feel the same as

This is because it is likely that you are feeling it subconsciously.

"I think we can do our best here" "Let's do our best"

I don't know if I can say that ♣ that seems to be positive is always...
Mostly exist!smile




Because I go to various branches even in the same group, and sometimes I feel that it doesn't suit me.


Try going to an interview with a club outside the group

"Oh♪ looks good"I feel it with my skin,

Sometimes I feel that a woman's intuition is okay.



Places where the number of cases is extremely large, but on the contrary, there are only flattering reviews


Conversely, don't take it for granted
The person inside is the same person, so go to the interview without expectations,

I think it's better to have a heart that says ✨


How was it?
When registering with PATOLO, choosing a member store is very important!


If you don't get along with the atmosphere of the office, communication, and staff, there is no such hell 🥺💦
I hope you can meet the perfect ♣ for yourself.

Come see me too!

Yuna Seki

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